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Adding More Weight?

Adding More Weight?

I have been hanging for 3 months.

I started with:

#5 3 X 20 min.

felt lig soreness for the first few weeks. After I couldn’t feel any lig soreness I raised the weight #2.5 at a time. Now I am at:

#15 3-4 X 20 min.

I never got the lig soreness back that I got in the beginning. I am confused about all the posts. Some guys say not to go too high in weight. Others stack it on. Not sure where to go from here. Should I keep adding weight until I feel the soreness again?

Soreness is not necessarily an indicator of gains. What other PE are you doing?


I do about 5-10 min. of jelquing everyday. I also do pisspulls evrytime I take a whiz.

If you feel that you must add weight, try one pound increments, or less.

I’ve hooked a measuring tape by it’s belt clip on to the nylon weight-holding strap that I use with my hangers, and have found it to be just enough weight to increase the intensity enough to keep gaining.

Other ways to increase the intensity include varying the angle or using a fulcrum. I would save the weight increases for a last resort.


Thanks GlanMaster.

I have been hanging straight down. I have noticed that if I pull straight out that the ligs on the sides seem to take more stress. Do you think I should try hanging straight out?

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