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A Reiteration on the Innovative Use of Weight Machines and BIB Hanger.

A Reiteration on the Innovative Use of Weight Machines and BIB Hanger.

I am a member of this group since Oct. 2001.

Dynamic Use of BIB HANGER on Weight Machine

This is mostly a reiteration from a previously written thread, I thought worth repeating.

I have been using the weight machine for a period of time with improved strength of erections and general responsiveness. The unit has made gains using this method. In addition to this, I use other methods such as pumping, jelqing, static stretch with JES extender, and whatever my imagination can suggest per my ongoing learning curve of PE. Using the BIB and weights, virtually any angle is possible, but I have been doing primarily BTC by connecting the BIB to the lower cable while standing facing away from the unit.

The basic exercise is a slow exaggerated hip thrust, secondly I do kagels. The exaggerated hip thrust movement starts with having your glut’s sticking out as thought you were going to sit down and then moving the hips as far forward as possible. You feel an unmistakable progressive pull on the ligaments.

The weight stack can be varied easily for variable intensities. This is a smooth rhythmic motion with no jerkiness. After performing these exercised for the usual 20 minutes, my unit is warm feeling great. The results so far have been increased strength in the form of appearance, and function. The BIB Hanger also allows for greater pulling force than any other technique, a most useful parameter when frustrating plateaus occur.

Further elaboration. To repeat, I have been using the BIB Hanger with arm curl station of my weight machine, allowing any angle or weight increment. So far I have mostly used a BTC hip thrust motion with my back facing the station. I start the move with my butt sticking out and complete it with my hip/ abdomen thrusting forward (kind of like a slow rocking motion back and fourth) . Also one can include are reverse kegels during the contraction/pulling of weight and a kegel with the lowering of weights.

The results so far are very encouraging, a workout results in at times the “electric” sensation including greater tissue warmth. The tissue warmth last for hours as does somewhat enhanced EF which is stimulatory per growth. Nocturnal erections are much better. In some respects this is similar to weight lifting, giving you a warm invigorating, energized feeling.

Best regards,


“ The Alchemy of PE

You got to show us some pics of this bro. Sounds interesting…

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