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A question about cloth underwraps

A question about cloth underwraps

I was just wondering what some of you guys use for cloth underwraps. I cut a 2”x24” strip from a t-shirt once, but that didn’t work so well because it curled along the cut. This caused pinching when I tightened the hanger. I’m currently using tissue paper as an underwrap, but tissues are only so long and I need a long strip for an underwrap.

I think I read that Bib recommends sweatshirt material, but I would like to hear about what some of the other guys around here use. I guess I’ll go cut up a cheap sweatshirt right now and try it out.


Have you tried ACE bandage?

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I use a thin sock (cut into strips of course).


Hi plowdawg, read this post to learn what I use. I’ve tried socks, sweatshirts, chamois, towels and a few other things. The material from the “wife-beater” is the softest and easiest to work with (for me).

It’s all about trying different materials to find out what works best for you.

When I first started, I was a big fan of the Self-Adhesive ACE bandage
but found it hurt WAY to much when I took it off. I have been using
the 2 in plain ACE bandage(w/clips) for about a week and find it just
as comfortable.

Just my 2 cents

Keep working, keep learning


Yeah I’ve tried ACE bandage, but I don’t like it because my skin gets mashed into the little pores on the bandage material, making it painful to remove.


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