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Used a Vacuum ADS Before? Chime In


Larger cylinder (actually new hanger) is coming - about a month as its getting injection molded.

Oh this is a great thread! I have been using Monkey’s Vac ADS for almost a month now. I am encountering a few issues and hopefully some of you can help me resolve.

1) I am getting a darker circle around the upper half of the gland. I believe it is bruise. And right around the tip of the head, there is a small circle marking. The tip seems to be a tiny bit longer due to the suction.
- I try to wear it 4+ hours a day, at least 6 days a week. I usually take an hour break from between usage (1.5-2 hours per session).

2) Slippage problem. How much of a silicon do you use? Originally I cut mine to 2” sleeve, but after a few days of usage (or a week), the silicon starts to become softer and it tends to slip. So I am trying with 2.5 to 3” length of sleeve. What I try to do is roll back a little bit after unrolling the sleeve so that the gripping end on the penis is reinforced (and less sleeve means more of penis is being pulled).

How do you deal with slippage problem?

3) Control of air. When I saw the demo clips by Monkey, he suggested to push out some of the air out after attaching the cap. The other day I tried to push the air out while I was hanging 3lb weight. There was definitely the “air sound” forcing out of the hole in the cap. But the end result is I lost the grip and the sleeve slowly slided off. Am I not supposed to release the air during a hanging motion? I assume that the air is what creates the suction force to hold the head in place.

All in all, I love the vac idea. I have problem with erection, so wrapping style ADS and hanging won’ work for me. I just want to figure out a way to reduce the slippage.

Any thoughts from vac ADS users?

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Here’s some hints,

1) its a vacuuming effect - sort of blood being forced into the tip. The tape will help ease that (also its temporary and will go away fairly quick). Only issue is the sensitivity since its getting tremendous pressure on small area - so put a small thin (less than 1/2”) before putting the tape. The the tape in cross pattern, top/bottom and side to side for more coverage.

2) The slippage could be two issues: 1) not getting the cyclinder to seal in tight (meaning too much air) or 2) your width maybe too thin as it stretches. For #1, see next issue, for #2, since we don’t have a smaller diameter sleeve, after you get the #3 correctly, use a small rubber band for additional compression. You want to put the rubber band as snugly so that you don’t impede blood flow but enough to grip more than what sleeve is doing.

3) This is the difficult part. Because of the way we purge the air, it takes bit of practice. You know you have a good seal when the sleeve is slightly sucked into the cylinder. You are already getting air release sound, now you need to work on closing the air hole quickly so that little as possible is coming back in. When I do it, my sleeve is sucked in and I could see the tip of my head squished into the top of cylinder.

4) The last possible solution is to have to cylinder modified (or addition) and have me add a small valve. This will allow you to suck the air out completely at safe level and also help with issue #1. I’ve been pre-occupied lately so I’ll work on this part so its available.

Hope this helps.

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I came across an old post about the ads only approach. I was wondering
have you had any luck with it?

Originally Posted by LongVehicle
boner, I was thinking along the same lines. I haven’t tried the water again since my blister problem healed, but the tape does work extremely well when done properly. I think the reason monkeybar may have found the opposite is that, unlike in a pumping cylinder, there seems to be little air in the VADS when in use (the silicon sticks to the skin and the cap holds little air), so adding in water might cause the silicon to wrap less tightly and less of the glans to enter the cap. I’m not sure, as I said I haven’t tried it again since I began using the tape properly.

Thanks for your post, monkeybar. How has the cone been doing so far? Are you still reworking it? It sounds promising, although I’m wondering if it might cut off blood flow a bit (by compessing the glans).

What are the other two solutions?

Also, I found it funny that somebody patented the waist part. Have you considered building a better upper-body harness? I believe there’s a thread here where someone took photographs wearing an Ebay harness from a seller that apparently now disappeared, stating that it was much more comfortable for him.


I used one and it makes your penis urethra opening go inside out and all not, do not, do not, use one of these devices or you will have problems especially if you are cut because your penis head is naturally very dry and sensitive.

I have recently started wearing one, for up to 10 hrs per day. It is a homemade one ala TPS. For the rigid cone I use a plastic boiled egg server. After 3 weeks the only real problem I have is head sensitivty, it seems the keratinization you get from being cut is going away, and even wearing baggy boxers is too much rubbing to handle, I have to wear the cap even when Im not adsing or hanging. The ever plumped up head is an added bonus.I forgot to add that my flacid hang is almost 1/2 an inch more than my erect measurement, so Im expecting some big erect gains soon.

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