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Penimaster,questions and perhaps new discussion

Originally Posted by MrTips
Probably the most irritation I have had is from the burn of the skin stretching.

Hey MrTips welcome to the forums,
Be sure to point the stretcher up and pull some of the scrotum skin through the base ring. Point it down and pull some of the skin above the penis base through the ring as well. This should eliminate the skin stretch and the burns. Worked for me. Unless you want to stretch the skin of course :)

Originally Posted by westla90069
The Penimaster, with its wide strap, is more likely to actually grip the ends of the CC and do a better job of putting traction directly on those tissues.

Especially when a Theraband wrapping is used (gives a very good grip) and the rubber strap is fastened an inch or so below the ridge of the glans. That’s how I do it anyway. I’ve reconsidered and have been doing manual stretching lately, followed by at least one hour of stretching with the Penimaster. A very good exercise in my opinion. We’ll see in a while if I’m on the right track.

Mr. Tips thanks for the pointers maybe I’ll try some heat every once in awhile. It can’t hurt thats for sure.

Wow 1000 hours for an inch gain. That seems like it is probably accurate. With traction it does boil down to time dedicated. I like thinking about it this way too. Its like there are two kinds of people in the world; those that are gonna go after what they want no matter what the cost and others that will make excuses. If you think about it taking 1000 hours for an inch, some people will say great better get this PM on for like 10 hours a day and in 3-4 months I’ll be an inch bigger. Other people will read that and not even order a PM because of the time involved. So I’ve got the PM on right now…no excuses.

Is anyone keeping a log or record of how long they are wearing their stretchers? I think it could be helpful to compare their gains to the 1000 hour mark to see how accurate it is. Anyways, I’ll start keeping records to contribute to our own study. Lets find out once and for all how effective these stretches are.

Hi everyone,

After making a modification to my stretcher -…49517#post49517

for 1.5 months I have been able to wear my extender for up to 9 hours per day with little discomfort, during weekdays I usually wear it for 3-6 hours in the evening after work and then 3-6 hours hanging 1.5kg in bed.

I am pleased (and relieved!) to see the first results, 5mm (0.2”) in erect length and girth. Flaccid, it hangs lower too.

I started wearing it in June 2004 but haven’t counted the adaptation period that lasted a month since nothing much happened, I only noticed an increase in girth.

5mm per month seems to be the average growth rate in the manufacturer’s tests, so I am slightly below that.

I think that DirkGently is doing the right thing by starting with manual stretches, I read somewhere that pulling with your hand can exert about 15lbs of traction force, I also read that 6-8lbs is needed to pop open the cellular connections in the penis. Wearing the extender after this encourages new cells to fill these gaps. I have been doing the same thing for 2 weeks and the results seem to be coming faster

What are everyones monthly increases?

I have ordered the ACME suspender so when/if :s it arrives I am looking forward to your modification. Wearing a penimaster, I can wear it a maximum of 1 hour, if wear it too long and I’ll get pain.

It’s great that so many guys posted in this threat.

But I’m not satisfied,I still don’t know if the penimaster works.

I read a bit in the german penimaster forum,but you can’t trust them.The general opinion is negative there.

If you look at all the other stretcher threads, PEers that manage to wear stretchers for a long period all seem to experience some growth.

I think the biggest problem is their bad design, everyone complains that wearing it for the recommended time is either torture or impossible. I regretted buying the AndroPenis enlarger before seeing the Penimaster, at least the latter have tried to solve the comfort problem and it is half the price.

I recently measured myself and was pleased to see further growth, almost 1cm altogether, so I have seen proof that it works. I’m quite sure that the 10mins of manual stretches that I start with has speeded up the results.

Greetings Gentlemen,

Well, after 125 Hrs using the Andro stretcher, I am now through the initiation phase. Since this is a holiday weekend and we have visitors, I think it will be a good break period. I measured last night, and I have picked up 0.3 inch in EL and 0.1 Inch EG. Heat seems to really help. After the break and before I do anything else, I will re-measure. I use an Excel spreadsheet to log all data.

When I get back in the groove (pun intended) after the break, I will start the pumping portion of my program, combined with heat and the stretcher. The objective is to use a two-prong attack: pumping to trigger internal forces augmented with stretching for external forces - each of these reinforced with heat, then controlled cooling. (Hell, this sounds more and more like a metals working operation or a heat-set process used in a textiles mill - go figure!)

Once I get through the initiation phase of pumping to where i can get two pumping sessions per day, I will stretch under heat after the morning session, stretch with no heat in the afternoon, pump in the evening session, and finish using the magnetic wrist wrap after the 2cd pumping session.

Reference heat, I use a digital thermometer inside of my heating sock so I know within 2 degF what the temperature is. One of the Radio Shack dual readouts used for automobiles that gives internal and external temperatures works great - just slide the thermister lead down inside the cavity of the heat sock. That way I know exactly (over time) what time I need for the microwave to get the sock up to the desired temperature, say 115 deg F. The same holds true for applying heat while pumping.

Now this 0.3 inch gain is admittedly probably part of an easy, initital gain - the tough part lies directly ahead - we’ll see - but you now know the essence of my program and approach.

That’s a wrap guys - have a great holiday weekend.

All the Best,


Hey Guys,

Ref temperature using the heated sock, 40 sec in my microwave gives me a starting temperature of about 125 Deg F. The sock seems to lose about a deg F every 5 minutes or so such that I will get at least 30-40 minutes above 114 degF for each heating cycle. This was measured about 1/3 from the end of the extender. Since the sock is more packed near the base, the temperature is higher there. These data tell me that the sock is providing the heated stretch I desire at above the desired temperature and for a reasonably extended period of time. The reason I target 115 deg F is there is a reference in the literature that plastin tissues stretch above that temperature under moderate stress. By experimenting with coverings or other wraps to further insulate the sock, I am sure I can extend the life of the heating cycle for the sock. So far, so good.



Attention AndroPenis Users:

If you have an Andro unit and you are having trouble with irritation behind the Glans or concern about isolating the Tunica, here’s a suggestion - don’t use the loop as is - instructions follow:

After about 100 hrs of the initial Andro breakin period, I made a miniature version of the Captain’s Wench for my Andro stretcher. I used 3/4 inch Velcro and 1-inch square felt pads for the grippers. Instead of nylon strap as shown in the Captain’s Wench instructions, I made a sandwich of ~1.5inch x 3/4 inch soft and hard velcro stuck back to back and used the silicon rubber of the Andro unit itself inside one half of the sandwich (I just reverse- threaded the silicon rubber loop in the Andro head piece so as to make the free ends available for connecting to the wench). The sandwich ends up as a 3/4inch x 3/4 inch pad of velcro with another 3/4-inch of each piece of Velcro stuck to the silicon rubber Andro strap, still back-to-back but like a hot dog sandwich.
Excess Velcro was trimmed to make a circular collar around the silicon rubber thus making a nice connection. The double-sided Velcro tab mates up with the velco clinch strap on the wench.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - the key to getting a strong connection between the silicon rubber from the Andro unit and the velcro tab is to use shrink tubing (think Radio Shack) and a heat gun (or cigarette lighter) to really cinch down on the connection - works just great. I used a 1-1/2 inch small shrink tubing piece on the silicon rubber and a second, larger diameter 1-1/2 inch piech of shrink tubing to cover the connection collar and half of the inner shrink tubing piece. Once heated and shrunk down, you end up with a protected sleeve that provides a strong, doubly-reinforced connection. I then tested it at maximum tension under 120 deg F heat for over an hour and it worked fine. And, it was very comfortable. I could really feel the internal stretch, too.

One minor caveat - I had to add extension to the Androbars to accomodate the increase in length due to the wench (no big deal). This connection method clearly isolates the Tunica just like the wench the hangers use but they use a bigger wench because the forces (weights) they use are much larger. Based on data from Andro, the springs generate up to 1500 grams or a little over 4 Lbs of force at maximum compression. Over time and with heat, it all adds up, I believe.

BTW - Kudos to the Captain for a simple yet very effective wench. It sure works nice on my Andro stretcher :-)

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there.

All the Best,


Here’s my take on the PM:

I purchased my in July 2003 when I began my PE career. It was the PM site that led me to Thunders Place. I used the PM at least 8 hours a day for about 5 months, but I did have some problems from over use. See this thread:

Penimaster users beware

In December I started using the Bib Hanger and only use the PM sporadically now but plan to incorporate it more in my routine. I gained about 3/4 inch during that time, but I was also jelqing.

Here’s what I learned over the past year and my suggested use.

1. Assemble the whole unit using enough bar to allow your head to be stretched way over the base. Save the two smallest bars for later.

2. Stretch your penis past the base (both bars are already connected to it). Then put the other side rubber strap through the slot. Tighten band with one finger slightly under you penis to prevent pinching. The reason for having your head well above the base is to keep the rubber strap away from the bundle of nerves near the base of the head (I had nerve damage from this).

3. Then wrap the whole top of the unit (over the strap) with a knee-high pantie hose. This keeps the strap from slipping out and damaging it.

4. Then add the smallest bar than tighten to the max or close to it. I don’t use the black cloth because it allows the band to slip and move toward the head, which has caused me more problems. If you need some padding then I suggest theraband. But I don’t think you need it.

5. I wear it for 1/2 hour intervals. Than take it off for a ten minute break and massage and heat with a warm cloth, rice sock or with me a space heater. I suggest a warm up before your session too.

If you have any more questions about my use, just let me know in this thread.


WestLA and others -


Measurements after the long holiday weekend confirm what I found last week - 0.3 inch gain in El and 0.1 inch in EG after 125 hrs using the Andro stretcher. While albeit early in the game, the results are encouraging. Heat during traction above 115 deg F is playing a big role, I believe, and might just reduce the overall time I nned to spend in traction to reach my goals. Time will only tell.

As to the Andro connection mechanism, I further modified my Captain’s Wench over the weekend by finding a thinner Velcro used for cable ties at Home Depot (Velcro One-Wrap, 15 inch x 1/2 inch). This is strong yet thin so it cuts down on the overall bulk of the wench as used with the AndroStretcher. I used 1 Velcro piece as is for the major cinch belt and I used 2, 1-1/2 inch pieces and nylon wire ties to relace the connections to and Andro silicon rubber ‘loop’ to get an even stronger connection than before when I used shrink tubing. The reduced overall bulk really helps, and it is more than strong enough even at elevated temperatures.

As to comfort, I have worn the Captain’s Wench on the Andro unit for periods up to 3 hrs with no discomfort and the glans is warm to the touch when I remove it - I get a good ‘pump’ and a good stretch/pull, too. So far, I’m happy with the wench as a preferred connection mechanism, especially now that the Andro traction forces are increasing after the breakin period.

As WestLA and others have pointed out, staying away from the nerve bundle at the dorsal side just behind the Glans is well-advised. Even though Andro did provide padded collars, I had better success early on wrapping with J&J gauze and Therawrap to protect that sensitive area.

The ‘gripper’ blocks on the wench grab the sides of the penis, preferably about an inch behind the Glans, which does at least 2 things: 1) Does a better job of isolating the Tunica; and 2) Grabs tissues devoid of and away from critical nerves and blood vessels.

All the Best,



Any pics of your modification?


No pics (darn it!) And I apologize for not being able to post pics. I don’t have a digital camera at present - been shopping around trying to settle on one so if any of you gentlemen have a favorite digital camera wonder you can recommend I’d be grateful.

The best right now I can do is to refer you to the Hangers Forum and the really excellent post there about the Captain’s Wench that does have pictures. Between those pics and my previous posts you can probably piece together the gist of what I’ve done.

Again, I’m really sorry about not having pics (yet - but I hope that changes in the near future).

All the Best,


Thank you all for your helpful contributions. I’m a new user regarding the PM and I’m trying to maintain a 6 to 8 hour daily regimen and so far been fairly successful at maintaining that schedule. Has anyone done a study on hours per day vs. growth over time? I haven’t seen it if there is one and would appreciate the post number if there is. So far I’ve been at it about an week and a half and haven’t noticed any significant gains but having been doing PJs and some pumping for a year or so and having gotten the level of results I’ve gotten so far it seems to be that I have a VERY tough tunica and my results will likely be on the slow side anyway, more’s the pity. I’m beginning to think this is going to be a several years long project for me. Thus my user name. Good luck all.

I have an interesting observation. When I put my PM on, I notice that I have to adjust the right side more than
the left to get them to equal marks. I have a mild/moderate lean to the left side of my cock. Should I not adjust
more on the right to allow it to also straighten my cock as advertised?

BTW, Glad to see folks getting involved in the discussion again because as a new PM
user I believe that this thing can/will work if you can manage to wear it for meaningful time frames
during the day.


Keep working, keep learning



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