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Penimaster,questions and perhaps new discussion

Count me in!

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

Sorry I was waiting for account change per this forum rule to reply. I think Thunder just changed it for me.

Bluenun and Bombazine, send me a PM with your address and I send you the wrapping material. All I want to know about the wrap material is if its useful. Thanks

If its useful, then I’ll put it out for same price as therawrap, although type of silicone I’m using is very expensive.


I’ve got a few pictures of what I was talking about, but rather than post it here, I’ll start a new thread.

Monkeybar, I have just sent the details to you in PM.


Any of you ever used the AndroMedical device? I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and am beginning to see some flaccid gains?

I’ve had the PM since April, however I stopped using it after about 4 months. It only works if you got a really flaccid dick, and I just keep getting erections even after such a long time, it takes about 20 minutes for my penis to become indifferent for touch and get used to being handled all the time, so after that ‘warm up’ period I can wear it for longer periods. But it’s really a hassle to me. Also I can’t go out or anything, so I have to adjust my activities to wearing the PM, which isn’t always very convenient. I went up quite fast by adding the 2cm bars, then the 4cm bars. But I’m stuck at this length now. I do notice a clear increase in flaccid size. If it give my dick a quick tug, it dangles like crazy, can’t imagine having anything like shower-itis, it sometimes even annoys me when I’m wearing open boxers. My dick tends to come out at whichever side and it just feels uncontrolled. Erect I haven’t seen a big increase, but I’ve only worn it for about 3 hours a day. My initial plan was to wear it for 1 year and then see how much result I got, but evidently that hasn’t happend.

After reading the report of 6 months use with 10 hours a day and 3.3cm gain I’m motivated again and I intend to wear it for at least 6 hours a day.

When I started using the Penimaster, like most users I had a problem with fixing the bands.

I tried using the tape but found that the skin was always getting hooked up.

This seemed to be the case for two reasons.

The bands are very tight and a lot of pressure is needed to get them through the slot, which made catching the skin more likely. This in addition to fiddling with the strap holding the penimaster and trying to get everything fixed almost cause a ‘give up’ solution.

However I solved the problems. First the difficulty of getting the rubber bands in.

Wet them!

Not too much, just lick your finger and run it down the serrations and they will slip in easily without coming out again, which they will do if you use too much liquid.

Also pull the bands down with a sideways motion - both ways so that part of the serration moves down and then pull the other side down. Tha eases the tension,which means they will last longer. The same applies for removing them just wet the serrations on the outer side to enable them to slip through more easily.

The other problem with pinching the skin,

I always put one end of the band in the slot down on one serration. then (I’m right handed) Hold the head with a couple of (RH) fingers and thumb as high as possible - upwards, that is away from the cradle with the band in position over the penis, then place the other end of the band in the serration and pull down whilst holding your unit as high and as forward as possible. Then change hands. holding the head with the fingers and thumb of the other hand and pull down the remaining side into the slot,

The other point to remember is to pull the band - the bit that curves towards you- as far down towards your pelvis as possible. This should be done when the penis is fixed, but not firmly, in the cradle This keeps the head up and helps prevent it from being crushed. Of course you have to hold the penis head forward whilst pulling the band backwards Then tighten the bands and adjust the spring tension.

The head tends to look a bit sorry for itself but usually it fills up with blood soon after.

I’m uncut but always have the F/s pulled back.

Pulling the bands uot is also eassier if you again lick your finger and wet the serrations. Then all you need is a gentle pull to release them

All night PE exercises

Originally Posted by grx
I also agree with the many other people who have posted that the device should not be used while sleeping OR as the manual says, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or pain meds.

Was wondering, well we have in this site a video that says “Simple (All Day Stretching) ADS” could it mean that if I use the same principle with the penismaster to use the penimaster during the night could be possible? I would like to know if could be used ADS techniques for night stretching? Does anybody has done something similar? or somebody knows any PE exercise for nights?

I have been doing is to stick the head of the penis to the penimaster with tape (the white one that is used by doctors). I leave it stuck to the penismaster the whole night, actually I used to do something similar before buying the penimaster, I used to stick the head of the penis to some heavy book over the bed but I found using the penismaster is more comfortable.

I haven’t have any side effect because doing that I don’t thing there is any problem, becasue the tape only sticks and not squeezes the head, there are a free circulation of blood. The problem that sometimes I have is that if my penis is licking or not totally dry (uncut penis are not so dry as cut penis) the tape unsticks.

I wonder whether anyone can give some sort of scientific answer to this poser.

I damaged my knee joints recently and they filled up with liquid. I’ve got to wait a couple of months before I can see a physio (Keep reading it does concern penis enlargement!)

So I ‘ve had to do a do-it-yourself physio. Amongst other things I was using a muscle vibrator.

The question has occurred to me. Would it speed up the micro-tearing of the penis unders stress if a vibrator was used on the penis or apparatus while stretching? and by so doing increase the rate of penis lengthening.

Naturally in the interests of science I tried it. But without a long test I cannot prove anything. On the other hand would it cause too much tearing of the tissue?

Certainly, vibration has many uses (as well as THAT!) So I wonder whether it would be an aid to penis girth and length. Do any of you medically minded people have any ideas?


Originally Posted by MrTips
I made myself a special ‘rice sock’ as follows: I took two unmatched dress socks, inverted on of them inside out, and then stitched the toes together……

This is a great idea. I think heat during this stretching will give you more of a stretch (physics) and will therefore increase your gains in less time. Great idea. When I get my PM I’m going to do this as well.

What I don’t understand is why people are doing exercise in addition to using the Penimaster. There wasn’t any mention of having to do exercises before or after using the penimaster.

Also the information on the Penimaster website ( contradicts itself in regards to straightening out a penis curve. On one page it says the PM will naturally straighten the penis over time. Another page says that you have to screw one side of the PM further than the other.

One thing I hate about the PM…Does anyone wear the PM and the bend over or sit down and top edge of the rods catches your scrotum?? Its very, very painful.

Originally Posted by 1aleem
Also the information on the Penimaster website ( contradicts itself in regards to straightening out a penis curve. On one page it says the PM will naturally straighten the penis over time. Another page says that you have to screw one side of the PM further than the other.

I don’t see a contradiction there aside from the possible interpretation of the word “naturally.” I think in the first bold sentence they’re telling you can do it, and in the second bold sentence they’re telling you how.


Here’s an update on the concentric sock trick - do not use nylon socks - only use cotton as nylon does not hold up to repetetive trips through the microwave. Otherwise, the concentric socks work great. Also, here’s another approach:

Gerbings makes a great electrical sock that the bikers use - runs on a 12 volt battery or on a 12 volt DC wall transformer, too. Since I pump as well as use a modified penimaster, the electrical sock works on both devices as does the concentric flaxseed sock.

By “modified” reference the penimaster I mean I replaced the rubber straps with my own velcro strap that includes a silicon foam cushion that is much easier to get on and off and much more comfortable to use as it does a much better job of protecting the coronal ridge/glans.

All the Best,


Good tips, although I would have not used nylon by default. I imagine it would melt or get those little nylon balls all over it. I don’t have a PM anyway. Do you think yours is working?


Yes, the PM works. Like any PE exercise, consistency is a key and so is moderation - that is, it is easy to overdo an exercise and either build up significant resistance to further adaptation (growth) or worse, get injured. Too much inflammation can lead to hardening, even shrinkage. I’ve not been injured but I have experienced temporary shrinkage when I’ve pushed and gone too high in tension on the PM or stayed too long in the pumping tube, too. Heat helps - and the TheraP wrap is a terrific addition to any rout9ine, in my opinion.

All the Best,



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