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Considering buying an extender


Mr Happy, thanks for all the details on your ADS experience. Do you mind telling me how much you gained prior to adopting ADS and whether or not you think an ADS would give you more results now later in your career after you have already filled out much of the relatively easier gains potential one has toward the early parts of their PE career?

I basically wonder to what extent ADS could be a way of achieving new gains beyond those one experiences during, say, first couple years of PE, after which one might have stalled out and found the other PE methods no longer do anything anymore.

Actually, considering that the stretching can be greatly varied with the help of the buckle, you can use it both for heavy stretching sessions for 20 minutes or so, applying much pressure on the penis, and for longer all-day stretching sessions, when the applied pressure is near the long-term comfortable limit and yielding results over time.
Also, you can hang a bottle or some weights to it (like the guy in the movie is showing) and do short term heavy-stretching sessions.

So, it’s a multi-purpose device.

Anyhow, the idea is that the grip of the vacuum cap with water is QUITE COMFORTABLE for the glans.
I wore it yesterday for app. 5 hours, and it began to hurt just a little in the glans area after 4 hours (it was because of the vacuum, not the actual stretching).

When taking it off, I had minor swells, with fluid, on both sides of the glans, on the posterior side of it, but they subsided nicely in a matter of hours.

I can tell you I work security and do the night shifts, I do a couple patrols and sit at the front desk. I wear my extender all through work and on the bus until I get home. I got use to it being uncomfortable however I can’t walk as freely or run. For everyone complaining about comfort or how noticeable it is then cut a sock and put it around the penis ( also real good for winters ) and get baggy pants, sweats are the best. I only wear it face down at work though, I switch it up on my days off. I would not advise wearing one if it job is physically demanding. Bending over I feel like my cock gonna slip through.

I’ve been using the Androextender for going on three weeks and it’s working perfectly. I plan on measuring the end of next week, though I know my stretched length has increased modestly. I haven’t had any blisters and I wear it from 5-9 hours a day, depending on my schedule. Wearing relaxed fit pants with the extender held in place by boxer briefs (alongside one leg) it stays fairly discreet. I’m on my feet for my workday. I’ve found that a lot of bending over or sitting and standing repeatedly will eventually cause the glans to slip though. It took me a few days to figure out there is a “sweet spot” in the strap adjustment where it causes my glans to plump up without cutting off circulation or getting cold. Then I can comfortably wear it until I need to pee. It’s tough to schedule as I’m doing this without my GF’s knowledge and she’s very keen on visiting me at work and giving the surprise “cock squeeze.”


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