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3D Printing PE? Advice for designing gear.


Haha that’s fair about the pictures, it is definitely kind of imposing to think of posting yourself for so many to see. Well if you want to save your future pageant reputation you could strap it onto a banana and take working pics like that.

Also, what other kind of stuff have you made with the printer, and what is your 3d modeling experience?

Starting Stats: 5.5 BPEL/5.0 EG (Jan 08)

Current Stats: 6.0 BPEL/5.25EG (Mar 09)

Starting Pics: The Leap of Faith: Here are my starters.

TheGreatDivider - That would be really cool to try! My printer is fairly limited in height so I would have to really play with it to figure out how to print it. As far as filament, I’ve never tried transparent. I’ve seen some translucent prints online, but it’ll be really tough to get a pure transparent on a printer,

Aiynsedai - Haha! I’ll try and find something next time I run to the store. A banana would work great if this was used erect, but flaccid they aren’t really the same.. At least for me :-P
My modeling experience began when I got my 3D printer. I liked printing off other people’s stuff but I love designing and printing my own.

If you could, I would like to see an pump cylinder I can extend with screw on segments 2” in length. Have a base segment, and a top segment with the hole for the screw on the quick disconnect, and then a bunch of 2” long screw on extensions you can fit together and seal up with a little rubber cement. Or what about a pump cylinder that I can take two of and fit together to create a longer pump. Do you think you can make something like that?

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.75", Meg: 5.5", Aheg: 5.25", Heg: 4.5" - 11/18/11

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg: 5.63", Aheg: 5.38", Heg: 4.75" - 5/18/12

Bpel:+1/4", Bpeg:6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg:+1/16", Aheg: +1/16", Heg: +1/16" - 6/18/12

Glad to see this thread. For those of us without a 3d printer, check out You can just upload your 3d model there, pick a material and purchase it. They’ll “print” it and send you the item. The cool part is that you can then place your item for sale on the site with a markup. Plus you can print in a variety of materials including metals.

I’ve done a few trial items so far to get an idea of what the output and materials are like, but I’m looking at following some others here and am starting to figure out what kind of PE devices I could do. Maybe a custom hanger would be nice, which I haven’t seen anyone else attempt yet.

I have experience with the Andro and Size Genetics extenders. Probably the single best improvement I’ve experienced was moving away from the noose. It was a device of torture. The later design with an elastic band, rubber sheet, and foam cushion has made worlds of difference in holding the glans comfortably.

What would take it a step further is to be able to wrap the glans without struggling with the springs. If the spring-loaded rods could be disengaged temporarily and then locked in place, that would be great.


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Care to share the files? Would love you give some feedback.

Bump - Anyone still doing 3D printing?

Has anyone done a custom pump with at 3D printer? I’m thinking of scanning my erect cock, then creating a model from then and enlarging it by 10% to create a custom pump. It just seems that a penis-shaped pump would work really well. Any thoughts?


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