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your hand size equals your penis size


your hand size equals your penis size

Does the lenght from your wrist to the end of your

pinky equal the same size as your penis.I no mine does

some people say its true some say its not lets find out.

Intrestingly enough, mine equals my original length. My sister told me that her husband who has really big hands and long fingers was actually right around 5” in length on his penis. I would imagine just by looking that his pinky measurement is much longer than that. I’ve always heard that the whole ears, nose, hand, feet measurement equals penis length was hogwash.


Re: your hand size equals your penis size

It’s utterly false =)

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I don’t believe that there is any correlation at all.

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For me, wrist to pinky is actually longer….


I’d seen a survey done where there was a significant statistical correllation between the two. That doesn’t mean that hand size alone in a reliable predictor - just that some of the same things that trigger your fingers to lengthen also signal toes and such other long skinny bits.

i dunno my hands are long and thin, but my penis has always been extra wide too.

Completely false.

That would place me at about 7” or so, which I am not at.

Of course it makes sense that the larger body, the larger the penis (in general terms) but it’s only a very non-specific rule. It can be way off, and will be as many times totally wrong as accurate.

My hands are 8” long and that’s way too long for my penis, I don’t think there’s a correlation, but a site has a formula which includes, hands, feet and nose to measure penis size. It was accurate for me.


Originally posted by secjay
Completely false.


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Originally posted by Schmerz
My hands are 8” long and that's way too long for my penis, I don't think there's a correlation, but a site has a formula which includes, hands, feet and nose to measure penis size. It was accurate for me.


Where’s this site you’ve talked about ??
Maybe we should all have a bash at it and see how accurate it is.

I always thought that was true as my wrist to fingertip measurement was a dead ringer for the trout @ 8”… Every time I would see someone with larger hands then myself I would think damn! As far as what realpuffs said I have head the same thing from my Sister.. My Sisters husband has huge hands fingers, long and I always thought he would hooked up but according to my Sis, he’s tiny….

how about this then people with phatter hands vs skinny hands

i have really skinny hands and my girth is pretty skinny

who on here has phat hands and is your member also phatter

If hand size were equal to dick size, I’d be Johnny Holmes.

Becoming.... Godsize

If height, hands, or feet were a coorelation to any of this. I would have been DLD’s size and swordfighting like Errol Flynn with it!

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