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your hand size equals your penis size


I tried this site, and it gave me a result smaller than me. So, I don’t believe such correlations. No matter how big your hands, feet or nose are, penis length is primarily determined at the ages 16-20 by the amount of sexual activity or masturbation plus some genetic factors. This occurs while the body is growing with highest growth hormone levels. At least, this is my opinion. ( In my high school years, I learnt at the biology class that any body organ that is used frequently grows and any organ that is not used much shrinks in size with time (Bergman’s Law). I think the same principle applies also to the penis. If you force it to grow when GH levels are at the peaks, it simply grows).

Soon to be 9''.

Has anybody noticed on this site that the larger the size of your nose, the smaller the size of your penis?

I found this a little strange, but beneficial for me as my nose isn’t particularly large.

j384: Yes that one.

Good_Knight: Maybe that’s why black people have bigger dicks due to smaller nose (lol)



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