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yoga stretch!

yoga stretch!

ok, simple a variation of the flower’s:

I have find this way that for me works good:
I sit in the yoga position
on a comfortable sofa
with my legs and my feet under my ass;
I take the son and I stretch very well
passing in the middle of the balls;
I sit on it, and my feet help to hold the position;
so it’s a great stretch feeling at the base
for the ligs. The balls are not so bad positioned
couse they are in the cavity formed by the legs;
the son instead is firmly hold .
When I close the session my flaccid is very good.
I think it works and it’s easy to do…
I stay one hour if I want, watching tv or other.
Maybe I dont say nothing new!
But after trying the Fowler’s in many ways
this is the best I have found. bye


yes, I see…

any of you has tryed this type

before? I think it’s a good alternative to hanging

Maybe less affective of course.

But the stretch at the base is very good


Is that supposed to be vīrāsana (hero’s pose) :confused:

I dont remember, I did some yoga years ago…

but I use that normally many times

when I sit at home.

And When I say my mantra.

Anyway, I was trying those fowfers

but I dont like the sensation: I cannot stretch

enough and I feel like all my weight is on the “son”

and I have no blood circulation.

Instead in this way I am confortable, blood circulation

more good and stretch…like hell!!!


If you are sitting on a flat surface like a bed and manually stretching straight out you can hook your leg behind your arm to give an extra boost to your pulling power.

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