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workout variations

workout variations

I’ve been at this routine for about 5 months now, gained a little over a quarter of an inch. Not a fast pace but i’m not complaining about gains.

Warm towel wrap until the towel is warm,
IR lamp warm up
Twist fulcrum stretch for 2 30 sec stretches
Kegel stretch for 100 kegels
Stretch in 4 directions for around a minute each direction
Jelq for 10-20 minutes
2x sadsak slinkys one on each side

Kegel whenever i could remember to do them.

I also wear the anchor weight whenever i can.

I know there is an old saying to not change it up until i’ve stopped growing.

But i feel like now that i’ve actually done PE for a while, i have the opportunity to add new stuff that are kind of advanced.

So if you have any good ideas on adding more advanced stuff, please help me brain storm.

My main focus is length right now, and i feel like i’m also gaining decently in girth just by jelqing.

Mods, if you feel like this thread might get more suggestions in the main member forum, please move it over, i can’t start threads in that forum yet :(

Thanks everyone :)

It might be worth a change in your routine, as you seem to have hit a plateau.

Why not try Pumping for a couple of days per week? Using your usual routine for the other days.
(Can’t advise about slinky’s as I haven’t tried them).

Just a minor but necessary point. Can you use I rather than i when referring to yourself. It helps those whose main language isn’t English!



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I may try to pump once i buy a pump. I’ve realized the only pump I have may be a sex toy rather than a real pump. :(

Thanks for that suggestion, I’ll look into it.

Also I have noticed that when I’m Jelqing, it’s hard to keep the erection at 70%. My unit always fills up really hard with minimal stimulation. any ideals on making your unit more flaccid when you’re jelqing?

Unfortunately I don’t have any ideas regarding the erection problem. It’s an involuntary organ which has a will of it’s own. Usually it calms down after a while. I can only suggest you use very little pressure. Or in the worst scenario ejaculate, then try the jelq routine.

It is faintly possible using a pump will take the edge off the erection, but…..!

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Anyone? I really appreciate the help guys.

The fact that you gained a quarter inch means it’s working for you, if anything add some more jelqing time to your routine. Be more consistent with your ADS.

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