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Why heat instead of cool after PE


Why heat instead of cool after PE

Traditionally the approach in sports medicine is to heat before activity and ice afterwards. Even bodybuilders warm up beforehand and then cryotherapy afterwards (for example, they take dixie cup full of water frozen solid and rub it all over everything they worked out that day) in order to reduce inflammation and soreness.

I cool after PE because I heat a good portion of exercises. Inflammation slowly subsides while using the ice, but not fully and fattens up later without any soreness. I wear a ring while doing this and use crushed ice in a bag because it allows the bag to fold easier. I’m not sure why people just use heat.

Heat vs. ice is controversial even in sports medicine. Ice after PE might work well and it has been discussed before. Something about the collagen becoming more mobile and realigning when warm and stretched, then freeze it in place when you are done.

Horny Bastard

Yeah mravg those are the lines I was thinking — why make them softer, more pliable, so they can go back to smaller size easier? If anything I would think we’d want to discourage that. Additionally, ice is the most powerful inflammatory there is and inflammation is only bad too. Well, until I see compelling evidence in favor of the tradition here of heating, maybe I’ll strike the compromise which has perk of being most convenient and time saving — not doing anything.

I chat will an awful lot of body builders and power lifters and I’ve never heard of any of them rubbing their person down with ice after a workout unless they break something.

As a former bicycle racer myself I first heard of it many years ago in the context of how lucky pro cyclists are that after every race they get all kinds of special treatment to enhance recover and reduce soreness such as pro massage therapy and cryotherapy immediately after every race and throughout training too. More recently I read of it’s recommendation numerous times on the site where you can search the term and it will be brought up in numerous articles by many of the most respected strength training experts out there (Berardi, Poliquin, Shugart, Staley, Waterbury, etc).

There has been a lot of discussion about the medical practice of stretching ligaments by heating and stretching, then cooling them while still stretched - in essence, “freezing” the stretch. Makes sense

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

I had a minor out-patient surgery late last summer and I went to a physical therapist to re-had a bit afterward. And heat before stretching with ice after activity was the standard method they used, not only on me, but on everyone that I saw.

I think it is a standard recommendation to warm up before PE, here, but icing would be a bit of an obstacle with certain hangers or a manual routine.

1) Unless you are only doing one set, icing would be counter productive to a 2nd stretching set.

2) Also, if using a hanger that has to be released (clamp style) regularly, icing before the end of a set would be counter productive to the following sets.

Bib did say that he would heat the 1st half of a set, then remove the heat to cool down in the extended state for the 2nd half of a set.

Originally Posted by dangleman
There has been a lot of discussion about the medical practice of stretching ligaments by heating and stretching, then cooling them while still stretched - in essence, “freezing” the stretch.

I read an article on that here (somewhere?).

Using ice for the last part of a set might make sense, although for some reason I am not over the top about trying it. If I am not in a fully extended state, I wouldn’t want to short change my efforts..

But if I were to try it, the V hanger would lend itself to this. Because instead of several 20 min sets with a clamp style hanger, with a V hanger, someone could do, say, a one hour set and ice the last 10-15 minutes of the routine. But without a V hanger or not being sure whether someone is fully extended, the Bib 2nd half cool down seems reasonable in a hedging between the two sort of way.

Originally Posted by Tivase
Bib did say that he would heat the 1st half of a set, then remove the heat to cool down in the extended state for the 2nd half of a set.

Sounds good…And what do you think guys about heat/cool during ADS? Do you use heat(or cool) during any period(before/during) of ADS? I am asking in regards to IPR protocol. I have finished two weak period of hanging and was thinking if I should use heat(or even cool) during second period(P) where I use ADS. Thanks.

Heating prevents injury and helps with soreness. However, Cold is what actually aids in healing. I have considered using ice before, but I also know that cold causes turtling (which I like to avoid) I just can’t bring myself to use ice, because making my dick smaller seems counter-productive.

Aside from the “setting effect”, cold would also reduce inflammation and edema

Beats me.

I think heating before and during the session, and then cooling while stretched to “fix” has some merit. However, PEers are dealing with other issues, such as skin discoloration. Is active cooling immediately after a session a good idea for avoiding discoloration? Probably not. Post-workout warmth may help keep capillaries open allowing gunk to flush out that would otherwise stay put and contribute to skin discoloration.

When I use heat before clamping I swell bad and my skin is sore for pretty much two days. Now I just fool around with him to get it going clamp and use ice for any swelling that has occurred. I have noticed the soreness isn’t as bad and it feels thicker and less swollen the next day or so. After three sets of 10 minutes I get some swelling the heating before made it worse.

I got much more fluid buildup when I heated while pumping.

Heat is probably a double edged sword. Good in some PE protocols, but negative in others.

Well, I’ve been talking about this a good bit in other posts, but I would think that cooling (icing) would reduce the likelihood of discoloration from clamping, or at least speed up the healing.

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