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Why don't penis size correlation myths die off?

Why don't penis size correlation myths die off?

Why do so many men AND women think that there is a correlation between some body part and/or race and penis size? It is incredibly widespread. I don’t think I’ve met a single person (who this has been discussed with) that didn’t think that big feet/big hands/height/race had a direct effect on dick size. You would think that if something isn’t true it would eventually become apparent to many people. Now for men it’s slightly different because most of us don’t really see what other guys are packing, but you would think that most women would know that there isn’t a correlation. I know I’m generalizing as there are probably many who do know this, but I know I haven’t met one yet. Every girl that has ever talked to me about penis size has said that something correlates with it, I’ve gotten everything from the usual to things like finger thickness = bigger girth, bigger thumb = bigger penis, and longer big toe = bigger penis.

I now know that this is all ridiculous, but growing up it really affected me. Now I always knew I wasn’t small from researching, and that I was actually upper average/above average in length, but I had small hands, small feet, and wasn’t not too tall (at least compared to my friends). So it made me think that everyone with bigger hands or feet than me was way bigger than me, and given my size this meant they had to be like 8 or 9. This meant there had to be a LOT of people way bigger than me which completely confused me. After reading up on it and actually hearing from people here about the lack of any correlation it has made me realize how stupid it all is. But still, it makes me wonder why the rumors perpetuate, why don’t they just die off if they aren’t true? I still hear them all the time from close friends, or just people I’m talking to and I just force myself not to start ranting about the matter. Now I worry less because I know the truth, but I still worry because I know people think this way so they look at me and my small hands and feet and think I must have a very small dick. I guess I’ll just have to do a lot of PE and sport a huge bulge to confuse the hell outta them. :)

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People are stupid and believe rumour and gossip.

You will encounter many people in your life that will argue until they are blue in the face that they know some particular thing to be true, regardless of their experience or practical/verified knowledge. There are unbelievably alot of people who will even augment facts or downright make things up and argue them to be right. Go figure.

Plus, people like porn peddlers can make money off perpetuating the myths.
Think of how many people, say, even straight guys, who would have bought magazines/tapes of black dude porn “just to see” if the myths were true?

The myths aren’t true. According to my height correlation thingy, I should be at least 1-2” shorter than I am. :D

Because people see guys with big feet or guys with big hands or black guys with big dicks. In their mind, this confirms the myth.

I personally have proportionally large hand and feet and my starting size was below average. Back in school, one day everyone was comparing hands for one reason or another and I happened to have the largest hands in our class or 30 or so. I am pretty average height, so this was kind of weird.

As a black guy, I always thought it was a myth, just like the myth the government is a helpful agency.

I have big hands big nose big feet and fairly big dick… No wonder I kinda bought it…

EDIT: Big toes too…

I’m a big guy with big feet and big hands and I’m Italian so I’m very happy when chicks think I have a big dick because of this. I now do so I guess I must prove the stereotype now, even though I used to average.

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I think from looking at the statistics there is some correlation but minimal. I think it’s just the fact that people get something stuck in their minds and are too lazy to update that info, plus it just seems to be popular in culture from jokes etc that perpetuate those thoughts. Then there’s just something about when you see a bigger guy, you just logically think larger penis even if this isn’t nessassarily true.

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I have wide feet. Does that mean anything? Anytime the subject of foot size comes up in mixed company, I always mention that I wear a 9EEEE. The ladies always take notice. ;) Then I always mention that it’s silly to compare skeletal size with soft tissue size. Maybe there’s a correlation with nose size, or something.

There are so many scientific studies that could be done in this field that it boggles the mind.

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When I think more about it, I think it’s sort of like a “new car effect.” You know how when you or someone close to you gets a new car, then soon afterwards you start to notice that car all over the place on the road. It’s not that all of a sudden there are so many of these cars, but that since it has some significance in your mind that it stands out. I think when a girl sees a big penis on you and you also possess something else like height, big feet, or big hands, it stands out as having a connection. If however you are big but don’t really have any other prominent body parts nothing stands out so it doesn’t really register, so they don’t go running to their friends saying how you were huge but had small hands.

I think this is the reason why there are SO MANY different things that supposedly “correlate” with penis size. One girl will tell me shoes matter, but another will claim shoe size is completely irrelevant but big toe size matters etc.

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My gf was at her friends house the other day and they actually phoned me to ask if the hand to penis correlation was true! (My gf never actually having heard about that before and therefore never comparing my hands to my dick). So I think whenever women get together their girly chat will eventually move onto penis size. Its a given and totally natural. I also think that if they are in a public place, then that conversation would again naturally move onto trying to guess the sizes of the guys they see around them, in an attempt to find similarities between the guys they think have bigger dicks. So they see these guys who have large hands, feet, noses, bodies etc. and think those things must correlate to the size of their dicks, completely missing the fact that they have simply picked the guys with the more masculine characteristics as supposedly having bigger dicks, something we here know to not always be true.

So my thought on it is that women just like to be able to guess a guy’s size. Men can obviously see the size of a woman’s breasts, but women can’t see a man’s penis, so they have to make certain assumptions, which are as much wrong as they are right. It all just seems to come from the coffee-culture-life-style; whilst sitting at a table outside a coffee shop, men are going to bird watch and women are going to crotch watch/guess sizes. (Actually, men will also crotch watch, straight or not, and women will also birdwatch, but the comparisons don’t seem to come up then because men know more about dick size correlations being false :p )

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Women are just as perverted and sex obsessed as we are.

They may not talk about it with US, but they talk about it amongst themselves as if it was their job.

I fit the stereotype: big feet, big ears, big dick. I love it when I see a woman checking out my bulge!!! :D


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I heard some scientist say on the discovery channel once, that there really is no correlation, but if there was one, one of the fingers, I can’t remember which, would be the best way to tell! His reasoning, Testosterone, and it’s effects on the hands and penis.

We should all be figuring out how to enlarge our hands too. This might help us with our efforts of attracting a sex partner, wifey, gf or otherwise.

My hands did not grow as my penis did tho. But I will say this… women I know have mentioned to me I have ‘nice hands’… tho they are not terribly big or small. They also comment on my arms being sexy.

Hmmm, I like that! So I belive hands, arms, chest, legs, shoulders, butt… etc. all play a roll in attracting a mate.

Fortunately, we are all focused here on our primary mission.. which helps us achieve our goals without clouding the issue.

But I do believe lifting weights does produce a larger, vienier hand. And I think it helps when talking with women to have large, masculine hands.

Please don’t wave them around like crazy… just confidently move them slowly with purpouse… so they can imagine them caressing their skin, etc.

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Originally Posted by Sh0t
As a black guy, I always thought it was a myth, just like the myth the government is a helpful agency.

Check this out:
Fire behind the smoke of stereotypes?

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