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Why ask her about past dicks?


Why ask her about past dicks?

It seems like you can read threads forever on this site and barely make a dent at the sum total of information that has been contributed. I read all kinds of threads and can be found in almost any forum as this site has much more to offer than just penis exercises.

The only thing that surprises me is how many dudes are discussing with their women the sizes of cock they have had previously?? I know the subject may come up, but it seems much more common than I thought. I understand the gratification that may accompany your lady telling you that you are by far the largest thing she has ever experienced, but how likely is that?

My girlfriend has only made references to the fact that sex feels tight and that she doesn’t want anything larger (although I could care less about that request). We have never talked about past lovers nor do I want to go there? It just seems like a surefire way to develop issues between the both of you (more so than a positive outcome; i.e.: “Baby, not so deep, you’re punching my spleen”).

Well this is what happens when you´re insecure. You (read I :idiot: ) look for reassurance, and then find out that we´re not going to get it. Or actually I did get some reassurance, but I caught her off guard (my ex).

Never before had she had some idiot demand to know her sexual history with accurate dimensions. I plugged it for some time, and eventually extracted enough evidence to conclude that I was the longest, but not the thickest. At that point I was fairly lost as to what I was supposed to think about that.

I guess it doesn´t matter. Regardless of anything I´m going to PE until I´m done, and then that´s that.

So there is a lesson to learn about asking, you don´t, even if you think you´re going to come out on top, don´t!

First rule of Bright Club:

Do not ask her about previous sizes.

Only the smallest of pecker-heads would ask this question of their paramour. This is perhaps that last thing your gal wants to discuss, just after who could fart the loudest in 6th grade. Of course, if she pulls out her diary and begins to take your measurements for entry make sure she is not short changing your unit.


Because we want to be the best. I know I want to be the best lover my girlfriend has ever had.


You can’t handle the truth!

Don’t ask.

And one more thing. The guy with the biggest cock doesn’t make him the best lover.

How could I outstage someone with a huge cock If I can’t thrust in and out because of the size of my dick? :P The harder I work, the quicker I cum, lol

Originally Posted by gprent101

And one more thing. The guy with the biggest cock doesn’t make him the best lover.

Totally true, but it helps and thats why we are all here.


Originally Posted by gprent101
And one more thing. The guy with the biggest cock doesn’t make him the best lover.

Yes this is very true and something I believed in way before I ever started thinking about my size or if it were possible to get bigger. From the female perspective, unless you’ve got some sort of crack whore who enjoys fisting and sex with donkeys, most women would prefer a man who not only knows how to use his tool (stimulating the clit during sex, lightly fingering the pooper, and things of the like) but is also sensitive to her sensual needs…

if you take time your time to turn her on and find her switch, it practically doesn’t matter what you’re packing!

>lightly fingering the pooper<

Why does that word formation not sound sensual?

Here’s a little something for you all….

I’m currently dating this girl, she’s 32, an all-around great girl. Great body, beautiful, awesome personality etc. Normally you’d think, why’s she still single? Well, I asked her flat out about dick size. Yes, she had bigger, but this woman never had anyone that was able or not too embarrassed to be uninhibited in the bedroom ( it’s the old ‘guy-in-control’ thing).

She’s got a VERY healthy sex drive…I call her my little nymph….and she’s finally able to live it all. On numerous occasions, without me asking btw, she told me that she feels absolutely connected, safe and emotionally in check with me during sex and in our relationship. According to her, she never experienced anything like that before. Being from Europe might help in that matter, since, I believe, sexual issues and sex itself are being discussed over there more freely and more relaxed than in the US.

What made my ego sky-rocket one day was when she told me out of the blue, that I’m the best lover she’d ever experienced before, despite the fact that she had bigger ones in the past. I asked her about it and said…”Well, I’m sure I’m not the biggest you had, right?”. She said “No, but you know what to do to a woman…”

How’s that for a compliment?

My point is…don’t put her on the spot by asking about previous ones, when she’s not prepared for it. Most women will be polite and say you are adequate enough or even the biggest she’s ever endured. So, long story short…

…Don’t ask! Make her happy in more than just the ‘size’ way.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Actually, there’s a very good reason for asking…..

So you can hopelessly obsess over her usually depressing answer, beat yourself up, resent her, convince yourself you could never please her, then go on to wreck the relationship.

Now do you get it?

Nice, Wad!!! Great answer :D lol

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I never asked Mrs. 5379 about her past dicks … she just told me. Now when they volunteer information, usually it’s too your favor. After the first time I parted her waters many years ago, she exclaimed out of the blue, “You’ve got a big dick!” I took that comment in the context, both remote and immediate, knowing that she had only had one other pilot in her cockpit, a few in her hands, and a couple in her dick sucker. Nevertheless, I asked her to marry me that very moment. If I were going to marry, then it would be to a woman who believed I had a big dick. And that was many years before discovering how to convert a single engine plane into a Boeing. :)


"I have strong feelings about gun control. If there\'s a gun around, I want to be controlling it." Clint Eastwood


5379, what an anology!!!

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


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