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Why ask her about past dicks?



Hey 5379 -

I think I understand: You’re saying that unless a woman volunteers with her own dick sucker how you compare to previous guys we should just leave it be.

Exactly, Captn!

My philosophy is this: When you are around women, keep your dick hard so if they start to say something you don’t like then you can stick your stick in their dick sucker and shut ‘um up. If they have a dick in their dick sucker, then anything they say is a mumble. In fact, I have found that with a dick in the dick sucker, “small” sounds sort of like “tall.” Thus, being a positive thinker you can deduct from this mumble that she meant your dick is “tall,” i.e. long. Sometimes the mumbled “small” sounds like “jaw.” The positive thinker thus concludes that she was trying to say “jaw,” as in “your dick is breaking my jaw.” The key is to look for the good in everything that proceeds from an occupied dick sucker. A filled dick sucker can really work to build your self-esteem :)


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Uncut4big: “What made my ego sky-rocket one day was when she told me out of the blue, that I’m the best lover she’d ever experienced before, despite the fact that she had bigger ones in the past. I asked her about it and said…”Well, I’m sure I’m not the biggest you had, right?”. She said “No, but you know what to do to a woman…”

You’ve hit it right on the head, so to speak. My GF, before she was ever my GF or we were ever even a little intimate (we were coworkers for over a year before anything happened) and I talked about sex and she’d never come from sex and only masturbated infrequently. Being the arrogant ass I knew I could change that if I ever had the chance.

Later, once we were living together and having sex daily, we talked some more and I did ask her about what’s better size or girth and as usual it’s the girth and we kept going and discovered that I wasn’t the absolute biggest but really close. The point here being it wasn’t the size, it was the way everything was used and that isn’t just about peckers and tongues and fingers and hands and so on…but we were FRIENDS before we ever kissed…we were intimate more so than I ever was with my ex wife (sad to say).

Good sex is in the brain/heart/mind connection as much as the slippery friction of mucus membranes.

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Hmmmmmmmmm, I’m never going to ask another woman about dick size! I’m just going to PE until it’s like 10X7, and I’m sure not many women have had that, and more than likely it will go without saying, my dick is the biggest she’s had!

You do not ask because you want to be the best, nimrod, you ask because your ego is 100x the size of your hand-tool. You ask to hopefully get your ego stroked along with your stiffie and to some how find your place on the size chart. Unfortunately, size does not correlate very highly with an individuals prowess in the sack. That is one of the liabilities of a good PE program, some times both heads inflate and you begin to turn into the very thing you are stroking ie a dickhead.


Good thread guys.


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