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Who stretched for 10 min a day is 10 min stretching per day too less


Simonclass, why don’t you add in some piss pulls? That is, stretch your penis everytime you go to the bathroom. I used to do it for a 100 count 8-10 times a day, that will add 12-16 minutes of stretching time a day in a very efficient manner.

Originally Posted by SimonClass

Again I want to talk about the newbie routine which is recommended by this site here.
1.I know that you only did 20 minutes of PE for the first 5 month of your career. You gained 2 cm during this period. According to the newbie routine here on Thunders-place, this is way too less. You should have doubled your PE time after 6 weeks to get to 40 minutes.
This means, that you never did the newbie routine, you did less than the the newbie routine for almost 5 month and you gained pretty well by doing less.

2.You are very helpful to newbies. You always recommend to use the newbie routine. Which newbie routine do you mean? The newbie routine you can find here on Thunders or your own one (sometimes you give the same link I copied earlier in this thread here to the newbies in the newbie forum)?

3. I remember that you did your 80 minutes advanced routine only for 3 month, because after 8 or 9 month you were finished with girth. This would mean that you did “only” 47 minutes of PE for the last 8 month.
According to Thundersplace, this would be way to less, because a newbie should do PE for 40 minutes. You are an advanced guy and you are “only” doing 7 minutes more PE than the newbies do.

Hope you got my point that no newbie routine is existing, because everybody is referring to something different when talking about the newbie routine. I also don’t think that we can compare peoples gains. For example lets take two guys. Both are telling they did the newbie routine for 2 month. Lets assume someone was gaining, the other one not. This means nothing, because their routines are obviously not the same. One guy is doing the newbie routine you can find here on Thunders, the other guy is using the newbie routine from mattersofsize and the next guy is using a 20 minute newbie routine.

1 Simon, like I have said in the PM you have send me is that I did a “newbie” routine that consisted of 20 minutes which I did 5 months. Yes, you recalled that correctly. But I also said that I immediately changed my routine at the moment I joined Thunders. As you can see, I joined in July 2005 but I started in February 2005. The routine I did back then was from a FSP. I simply followed the instructions and increased time a little because I thought that the recommended 10 minutes where to few. At the moment I joined Thunders, I wasn’t a newbie anymore. It would have been nonsense to start the newbie routine here, so I started adding advanced exercises and developed my advanced routine :) .

2 I always recommend the newbie routine that you can find in the header of the newbie forum. The reason I recommend it is that there are so many users who have used it to full satisfactory. There where never any big disadvantages, so why should I recommend any other newbie routine? Also realise that every vet recommends it. Don’t you think there is a reason behind that.

3 Realise that the newbie routine targets both length and girth. Since I have reached my girth goal after those 8 months, there is no reason to do any girth exercises :) . So since then I only do the length part of my routine. For only length, 47 minutes is a lot of time. IF you split the newbie routine in two, 20 minutes will be left. Now you can see that I spent more that double the amount of time aiming for length.

4 There is one newbie routine, which you can find in the header of the newbie forum. There are variations of the newbie routine, developed by Babbis and J123 but that are newbie routines. When someone talks about the newbie routine, it is always the “original” newbie routine.When they refer to the routine developed by Babbis, it is always the “Babbis routine”. When they refer to the routine developed by J123, it is always the “J123 routine”. I have no knowledge about the newbie routine on MoS and other newbie routines, so I can’t give solid feedback on it.

What do you guys think about 1 minute per stretch of: su,sd,l,r and pulling your penis by the head with the overhand grip to just above its erect length with one hand, then grabbing the middle with the other and pulling the head left at 90 degrees for 1 minute followed by right at 90 degrees, (with a rice sock wrapped around it because I heard heat is key for hard gainers). I am a hard gainer so I’m hoping that the last stretch will work the tunica.


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