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Where do you feel it?

Where do you feel it?

When I pull my flaccid penis straight out, straight up, down whichever way I choose, my septum takes all the tension, pressing me to believe this is my first limiting factor. Where does everyone else feel the tension when you pull yours out? If I’m not clear, what stops your penis from being pulled any further. I’m just curious.

I’m no doctor, but I always thought it was the ligs that were limiting me.

I’m with you inch.

You should have made a poll.

Tunica here.

Definitely tunica for me.

The ligs when i pull SD or BTC. In all other directions, the septum. The rest of the tunica seems pretty relaxed all the time when I stretch and touch it with my finger.

probably my pubic hair (ouch). Just kidding, mainly the ligs here.

Mostly in my ligs and tunica depending on the type of stretch.

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