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Where did the girth go?

Where did the girth go?

I’ve been jelqing and now doing the horse squeezes. I don’t measure my member so I can’t say anything about gains.

Here’s the problem. When I’m about 70% erect and hold my member with my thumb and pointing finger my member fills up the circle. Basically showing me I’m pretty thick.


When I get fully erect, rock hard and do the same thing it seems as if my girth shrunk and have a gap in there.

Why is it that I’m thicker partially erect than fully erect?

Anyone else have this problem?

Dear Aarzakk !

I have the same problem too . I eather don t know the reason !

I sometimes think , when my flaccid is nice , it must be bigger now , but again the disappointment , when measurung !

All the best Wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

Re: Where did the girth go?

I experience smaller girth when fully erect also. I think the girth stretches out into that last bit of additional length.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."


I know exactly what you mean..

I remember going into my ex-girlfriend while semi-erect and feeling like I fill her totally, only to find this wonderful feeling gone as soon as I get more excited.. :(


this is normal

Most all men are this way. Bib can explain a scientific way better than I.

I am just like you,.

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