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When Will It Stop Growing?

When Will It Stop Growing?


This is my first post. Didn’t realize until recently there was such a forum! Several years ago I was 5” BPEL. I had never heard of PE but common sense told me if I pulled on the thing long and hard enough, and squeezed it while holding the base, the tissues would expand and grow. I didn’t realize that you needed to do it as much as outlined by most members here. But just doing my random pulls and squeezes over the year I reached 6” and 4.75” girth. Now in 6 weeks of real PE I just reached 7” today and 5.5” in girth. I’ve been doing PE about an hour each day (strong jelks and squeezes.)

So this leads up to my question. Is there a limit to the growth you will reach? I’m sure the progress rate will fall, or by Christmas I’ll have a 12” rod! Anyone here been doing PE on a regular basis for a few years, and if so, how has the growth rate changed after say 6 months or a year of PE?

Thanks for the advice and input form everyone!

Hoping to hit 8 one of these days!

Hey 6To8!

Welcome aboard!

Theoretically, it should just keep growing. But the reality is that the bigger it gets, the harder (more difficult) it becomes. Ligs toughen and you need increasing amounts of force to achieve growth. Sooner or later further growth becomes impractical - the forces needed start to get to dangerous levels. But ……. by stopping for a while and giving it all a rest, you may find that you can kick start growth and make more gains using less force.

It’s all theory but many guys have experienced this phenomenon. I don’t know of anyone who has just kept at it for years to see how big they can grow - most guys reach their goal, call it quits and get on with their lives. PE takes time and consistent effort - you have to be very dedicated!

lil1 :lep:

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I grew quick the first 4 months then the last 3 slowed down to about 1/8” per month in length. girth gains have been unpredicatable for me.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

6to8 those are some amazing gains, 1inch length and 3/4” girth in 6weeks! Well done!

Do you jelq for an hour, 7 days a week, or do you take days off?

-Do you use any special kind of jelqing?

Its interesting that once you stopped and then re-started you saw so much gains, after I stop making considerable gains I might try and do the same.

I still can’t get over your gains. They’re amazing!

Typo Correction & "Curling Jelk" Question

Not that it makes a lot of difference, but the original post should have said “over the years” (5-10 years) rather than “over the year” I went fro 5” to 6”. And actually, my conversion from mm to inches was a bit off. In the last 6 weeks it went from 6.3 to 7.0 which still blew me away at how quick that went. But man, it requires some dedication to do this stuff. I think that my arms have grown in girth from the workout they are getting! I alternate about ever 10 minutes from holding it with an “OK” shapped grip with my hand over the penis (penis pointed slightly down and using the muscles in the back of my arms to do the work, and then I alternate to a grip where the hand is mostly under the penis for the jelks (penis pointed up and using muscles in front of arm (biceps?) to do the work; in this position it is similar to doing a curl and I get very strong upward pulling on it during the jelk. I’m just a newbie so if anyone knows if doing it this way is silly, or less efficient than other methods, please let me know. I thought doing the “curling jelks” would help stretch it more than regular jelks and maybe help keep the erections pointed higher up.

Reply to Jelqist


I just saw your post after my prior post. Probably over 5-10 or maybe the past 15 years I only grew about 1”. I only did my improvised exercises very seldom, maybe averaging once or twice a month and not for very much time (10-15 minutes). Sometimes I’d do “Uli” type squeezes for a few minutes while going to bed, and a few strong pulls once or twice a month. I’d also go sometimes months inbetween doing anything at all. Only after hearing about jelking, and reading the posts here that I got excited (pun intended) and started seriously jelking. (About 6 to 8 weeks ago.) So I don’t think I was really already worked up from my prior stuff before I started real PE. So my initial rate of gain from real PE unlikely will continue long. I don’t have a real set routine other than about 5 minute hot warm up, and I try to get 1/2 hour of intense activity in twice a day. As far as rest days, I let the penis do the talking. If it feels worn out, or too tender, I’ll skip a day. If it feels okay the next day then it gets worked out. After each workout I use heat again 5 minutes and usually end up stroking it 5 minutes or so. (Just feels too good after being work up to leave it alone!)

Last time we had sex my wife asked if something was different. She asked if I used a different lube as she said it felt thicker. She thought I used a different lube that caused more resistance. I told her it was the same thing and didn’t say another word. That comment made the exhausting PE routine worth it! But I don’t plan to ever tell her about PE. Hoping to reach 8 and then quit. Very hard to get the extra time for PE. If she asks more questions, I’ll say that I’ve been doing Kegel exercises and that must be it! ;)

6to8, way to go,

I think your wife may suspect something when you reach 8x6! Just tell her that she looks so good that your dick can’t help but get bigger with excitement! LOL

A wife's comment

and more proof most women have no idea.

We were arguing about our current sex life (I’m working my balls off but still try to get in a quickie from time to time) and she said…”Your sex (sexual organ) is only 25cm, mine is my whole body so it’s easy for your to get ‘in the mood’ quickly…but I can’t”

Roughly translated but the idea is there. Maybe she HAS noticed my PE and has never said anything till now (she was still 8-9cm out though).


Do you do any stretching mr 6to8

Ha! I thought it was new too! Talk about time travel.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
This thread is over six years old danman.

Thanks for the chuckle.

Starting Measurements - BPEL 6.5" EG 5"

Goals - BPEL 8" EG 6"

Current Measurements - Gaining length mostly

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