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When did your penis stop growing


When did your penis stop growing

Hey guys.

I am Dave, and I’ve been lurking around for a while. Finally got the chance to register last night and say Hi to you all.

I’m here to get to business, much like my thread title suggests.

When did your penis stop growing as a result of puberty? I've read that it can grow into the 20s, but specifically, when did your penis' stop growing?

I’m 21, and mine hasn’t grown for a few years now. I’m expecting (and mostly hoping) that it continues growing because my body has a tendency to grow in quick spurts, and I’m fairly sure I haven’t reached my adult-sized frame yet.

Anyway, I look forward to my PE journey and seeing some of you around the boards.

Hey Iamdaveman,

I am also 21. I have read online It doesn’t “truely” stop till 24-28 but thats questionable. I hope it’s true but you never know some people may stop at 18 others maybe mid to early 20’s.


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Mine has never stopped growing, I’m 30…. When did it stop growing due to puberty? No clue, I didn’t get my growth spurt till 17 and I started “amateur” PE’ing when I was 20 or so… by amateur I mean stretching and jelqing on and off, nothing consistent. I can remember measuring my penis at 4-5” erect when I was 14-15, and 6” when I was around 19-20.

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My stopped growing when I was about 4 years old I think. Atleast that’s what it seemed like. I swear it felt like it never grew at all during puberty. I was just waiting, and waiting. I’m hoping it will start again.

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I think mine stopped growing around 17 or 18. I started puberty way early though (not that it made much difference in my size).

Around 21 or 22, I think. That was 7 years ago.

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What a wide variety of responses.

I plan on going to visit my doctor soon and I’ll try to see if he can help me figure out how much growing in general I have left to do.

Originally Posted by Iamdaveman
What a wide variety of responses.

I plan on going to visit my doctor soon and I’ll try to see if he can help me figure out how much growing in general I have left to do.

I doubt they cover that in med school. It doesn’t matter when it stopped growing. I am making it grow more!

Ask about a “bone age scan,” this is a kind of x-ray of the left wrist (usually) and doctors can determine with some accuracy how much growing you have left to do or if your growth plates have fused meaning no more natural bone growth is possible.

I am almost 21 and my penis may still be growing naturally…hard to tell since I am doing PE too. But like you, I don’t think my adult stature has fully been reached. I know I saw penis growth when I was 19 and that was before I was doing PE.

Mine has been pretty much the same size for about 8 years now. I’m currently 25. So, 16-17 is probably right. Too bad it didn’t keep going a bit :(

I’m 18 and mine hasn’t stopped growing yet, it went from 7 inch’s to about 8 from the time I was in 10th grade to my senior year my girth though seems to have stopped in the 10th grade, anyone else with something like this happen

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Mine stopped growing at 19.

Quick question, guys, even though I’m sure it has been beaten to death (no pun intended) already;

Is it safe to do PE before you believe your penis is done fully growing naturally?

It won’t affect me in a bad way, will it?

Thanks for any responses.

Mine stoped growing at 16-17…also peak of my EQ,hornyness,etc :)

I think it was around 14-15 years old. :(

4Foreskin ;)

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