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When Do You Stop Streching/hanging,down

When Do You Stop Streching/hanging,down

I been hanging /streching down for 2 years.I gained 21/4inchs,my lot is 8.30.Should i change angles?Also should i take time off? 7.75X 5.5inch

As in all things, … it depends.

Has your erection angle decreased? Do you like that way? Do you want your erections to point down?

This is the first part of the analysis. If your don’t mind a lower erection angle, low angles may continue to work fine for you.

If downward hanging has not lowered your erection angle, you probably have a very flat (as opposed to convexly curved) pubic symphysis, and continued downward hanging probably will continue not to change your erection angle—at least for a while.

The second part of the analysis is whether you’re still gaining. It’s not uncommon for gains to “dry up” after a long program of hanging from one angle. If gains have stopped, your tissues may have adapted to the weight and angle, making further gains in response to the same stimulus unlikely. In that case, it would probably be a good time for a change.

Stretching at upward angles will avoid your ligs altogether and focus all the strain on your tunica, including the attachments of your crura to your pelvic bones. This could provide you with virgin territory for new gains. Upward hanging generally does not decrease erection angle, and may in fact raise it slightly (which I think is generally a good thing).

Your gains are excellent so far. I’d be very curious to know what your starting LOT was and whether your erection angle has changed.

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Thanks for the input.I didnt know my lot back then.My erection angle went from 12:00 to 9:00.What do you think about taking time off?Will it help my gain if i take time off?

Originally Posted by rednuht

Thanks for the input.I didnt know my lot back then.My erection angle went from 12:00 to 9:00.What do you think about taking time off?Will it help my gain if i take time off?

Time off can help, but in your case I think you have a lot to gain by switching to upward angles. Why not just do this? What do you have to lose?

I’m assuming that your gains have dried up at your current angle. Is this true?

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Based on your stats, you have more than adequet length. I do not know where you started but you have probably reached your full potential. For most people, the ligature responsible for the upward angle of an erection is their greatest point of resistance; this is why hanging at downward angles is preferred. Changing angles will not provide any additional length gains, IMHO, it only provides relief from soreness that might result from hanging and traumatizing a specific area.

People hang from different angles for the wrong reasons; thinking that they will target a small area that will release new size. This does not happen, the penis is so small relatively speaking, that any hanging activities will affect the whole. You can prolong hanging periods by shifting weight loads around but you will not realize new gains. The relief people feel by shifting weight angles is attributed to a new road to more gains, it is not.

Time off is always good for the physiology, inorder to promote full healing from PE. People think that this promotes gains but it is the result of the complete healing and the restoring of health that allows the erectile circulatory system to optimize. They think the new larger erection is a result of intervals between exercises; when in fact it is a healthy penis that is relaxed and ready to fully optimize as a result of the removed trauma and state of healing. So, IMO, you should take some time off from hanging but continue uli’s for girth and head size (3x a week 15min each). Your length is probably maxed out but this is only my opinion.

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You make interesting points, but I’d like to know how you know all this. Is it from experience, medical training, or some other source?

I ask because your views on these matters are contrary to those generally expressed on this site and you present them with the certainty of some one who really knows.

Could you please back up your statements, so that we can all have the same confidence in your conclusions that you do?

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My opinions and viewpoints are gained solely through experience. I will say that I did not have focus on a few critical points for quite some time and then an epiphany of sorts occured that made everything make sense. The blood and the optimization of the flowmetrics of the system make everything bigger, most people believe the penis behaves like the scrotum, you stretch and deform it for awhile and the new size is permanent.

We are not out of the closet so all of our research and experimentation is done in secret. If manned flight were done in the same fashion we still would be crossing the plains on a rail. As with any experimentation there are great disparities in what any one individual is doing and the difficulty is coming to one conclusion, people take the same set of facts and draw vastly different conclusions.

Our qwest is not as grandiose as flight and there is not just one formula that works so there is a lot of junk floating around. I am making some inroads on a few things that might cause you to see some validation in my statements. I do feel enlightened on this topic and so I apologize if a degree of certainty presents itself as a degree of arrogance.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

Thanks, Shilow. I do appreciate your perspective. Perhaps if you stated your beliefs in less absolute terms (I believe that …, according to my experience …, it seems to me that …) I and others would accept your point of view without feeling the need to be critical.

As you point out, this is not hard science and there is room for many theories. I could also benefit from being reminded now and again to express my views as personal views and not as objective, absolute reality. Thanks for clarifying.

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