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What type of Penis do I have

What type of Penis do I have

My penis it self is straight but it exits my body at an angle rather than straight. For example when you measure you erection angle you measure it vertically, as pointing up would be 12 o clock, pointing straight out would be 9 and straight down would be 6. Now imagine a horizontal clock where your penis straight out is 12, to the right is 1, and to the left of 12 is 11. 3 being where the right side of the penis is touching your right thigh etc. Now my angle is 1. Now do I have this because one sides lig is longer than the other? Or one sides girth is longer than the other?

It could be due to any number of reasons which will probably never be known until your autopsy. If it functions, why worry about it?

The reason I’m asking is I want to know whether I should specifically target the ligs or the girth of the shorter side.

Makes sense to me (the ligs bit).

When I get super hard, mine goes almost strait up.

Sense I started lig stretching that has changed a bit.

So any other views on the penis side?

Outlaw, check to see if your right forearm is a little bigger (just kidding). Try pulling at horizontal 9 o’clock. I have the similar problem when below 80% erect, except now it starts out pointing at 12:30 and at high-mid section turn towards 11:30. This is ongoing and seems to get straight after awhile and then start again. This cycle happened 3 times. So now, I doesn’t bother me at all.

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