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what position for tunica?

what position for tunica?

I find that if I lie down or lay back in chair in a reclined position, I can pull towards my chin with lots of force and I feel it quite a pulling on the tunica inside my body cavity, but not much on the external penis tunica. However, if I sit up straight and pull towards my chin I am only able to pull with about 10 lbs of force, as I intentensly feel the pull in my tunica in the external penis and I can’t take any more without it becoming painful.

Which position is the most productive? Which position do you all stretch your tunica in? People say how the tunica can take a lot of force but this is only true for me in a reclined position or standing up and I can’t pull too hard in a sitting up position as it is extremely intense and yet it’s pull feels almost entirely on the penis outside my body and I can’t feel much being pulled inside the body cavity due to there not be a large force applied.

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what I found very effective is when you clamp down at the base, with an almost full erection, then grab behind the head and do the stretches. You can see the actual stretch on the shaft.

Maybe throw in a few erect bends and you should be able to feel a nice stretch. Worked for me and still does, even though I hadn’t had much time on my hands lately.

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Uncut, are you sure that is good for increasing length? It sounds like the corpora sponges would be getting the stretch. In fact that might be why I can’t pull hard sitting up, because it pulls on the corpora sponges.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

what is tunica?is it muscle?

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