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Different intensity from position

Different intensity from position

I have been doing tunica stretches for a a little while and I am a little confused about why many guys say that you need to really pull hard when stretching the tunica.

When I am in a reclining position, I can’t get the pull to isolate in the tunica completely and can pull quite hard without feeling like I am taking my tunica near the feeling of structural failure. However, when I sit up and pull while leaning slightly forward, the pulling forces isolates completely in the tunica and if I find the exact angle which concentrates the force, I find that just a medium force feels Extremely intense. To pull truly hard in this isolating position feels dangerous. Like my tunica is at the edge of structural failure and I have even fealt sharp pains from trying this in the past.

I would like to know whether sitting in this position that allows a concentration of force on the tunica, with only using a medium force that feels intense, sounds prosperous for growth. Or would I be better off using a position that allows me to pull harder, without the isolated force?

Does anyone else find that there are positions in which they sit and pull that don’t allow for strong pulling forces due to an intense concentration of force being fealt in the tunica?

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I’ve experienced the same thing you have. I think there are two factors that would explain the difference. First, when you’re sitting and pulling, you have better leverage. You have the weight of your shoulders available to help exert the force. Second, you’re probably pulling at a lower angle while sitting and that stresses both the tunica and the ligs. I’ve found that once you’ve stretched out the fundiform ligs, then you start stretching out the suspensory ligs which are much tougher. It’s hard to tell where the suspensory ligs end and the tunica starts. I’ll bet what you’re feeling is a combination of tunica and lig stretch and that would be a good thing.

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I believe the anlge of stretch is important and may vary for different guys.

I discovered a high intensity tunica stretch recently simply by declining to about 45 degrees sitting on a chair and pulling my unit back and up along the stomach. It’s a little stressful on the back but I try to keep the back straight and do about 10 second stretches. (I have also heard of lying flat on the floor for this but never tried it.) I am pretty sure this is a tunica stretch that involves the supporting ligs.

Also found that the power-jelq device is excellent for stretches. I know it’s not a popular device on this site but I find it a good assist to get a firm grip on the head and it also allows a longer distance stretch that imposes greater force. I will also try leaning forward and compare the intensity.



Guys, it’s completely different in feeling compared to normal tunica stretching. It feels like it is nothing to do with any ligs. I only feel it in the shaft. I can pull with extreme force when pulling straight up, especially when reclined, but when sitting forwards and pulling at an angle slightly above parallel to the floor, everything changes. Even medium pulling can be too much. I am starting to think that in this position and angle, all the force goes onto the spongy chambers and not the tunica. If the tunica is meant to be so very tough, it can’t be that which is feeling like it can’t take any more force when using just a medium force, especially when I can pull as hard as I like, within reason, in other positions and angles.

I would also like to know if stretching the spongy chambers is a way of lengthening the penis, just like stretching the tunica is.

Please, all guys reading this, can you experiment and see if you can recreate what I am experiencing in this position and angle? Come on guys, in the name of furthering our understanding of the principles of PE. Do it for mankind, lol. Please post your findings.

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will give the forward recline a try and let you know what happens asap.

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