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What girth size is average?

My mid shaft measurement (just taken) is 6.25” and my base measurement 6.5”, so I should really be reporting my base measurement? As I’ve always just measured mid shaft I think I’ll keep that measurement so I don’t over sell it (to myself).

Originally Posted by Peter Dick
Here on Thunders measuring mid shaft is the standard. I’m close to 6.5” at the base, but I report my mid shaft which is 6”.

Hey , I just found my twin dick. Same length same girth. :)

I’m like 4.4 girth. Worst girth ever.

Well I have to say my girth is pretty sad also. If I pull my foreskin up over my head, my midshaft measures to be 4.5, but fortunately when i let the foreskin go back, it gives me another quarter inch. But my true girth is still only 4.5 which im really upset about, because most women prefer girth anyways.

Originally Posted by Airmailpuppet
I’m like 4.4 girth. Worst girth ever.

You may be feeling down. However, there is always someone who is worse off than you.

Trust me. I measure about 4.1 EG. Sucks

No matter how hard I tried, I just can’t find a way to gain girth. I always start threads about girth and try to read on how others gained girth, but what I find in general is that the people who do gain girth had good girth to begin with. Does anybody have any theories to offer as to why its so difficult. I dont understand why my dick is so small in the first place. Im short and all but my muscle structure is pretty good. I gain muscle easy and my body adapts to exercise or strain or whatever pretty quickly too. And I have a pretty descent looking face!!! Why have I’ve been cursed with no girth!!!!

Yeah, but unfortunately I haven’t found the clamp everyone uses - the cable clamp tm. Anyways, to subsitute that, I have a metal hose clamp which I suppose is just as good except it takes me longer to adjust tightness and I have to wrap my base pretty well.

I don’t know how well it works, but I most definetely prefer jelqing with some intense exercises. Everything I do, it seems to me, that the only gains I get is my foreskin swelling up which gives me a mutulated looking dick. My shaft doesnt seem to be too engorged either. I dont want to kill my penis or my hands by going all out 1.5 hour sessions and what not.

I measure 5.5” mid-shaft but only 5.25” at the base. I’ve got a baseball bat effect going on. After I finish my length goal, I’ll deal with that.

Before PE BPEL - 5.5" EG - 5.25" ---------- 8/20/05 BPEL - 6.75" EG - 5.5" Goal - 8x6

How long should I be PEing for before I start clamping? Can’t wait to clamp really.

Originally Posted by Airmailpuppet
How long should I be PEing for before I start clamping? Can’t wait to clamp really.

At least 2-3 months of consistent PE should be done before you try clamping, and when you do, start slowly.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Maybe you guys who are hard girth gainers should give pumping a try if you haven’t already. I am not going for girth right now, but if I were I’d be pumping, clamping and jelqing… experimenting with those techniques.

I think base girth is the most inaccurate measure of girth because you can be measuring fat pad or scrotum skin etc. Measure at mid to decide how you compare with average.


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