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What does everyone's username mean?

Started out as “she needs more”

Now it’s “short no more”

Muwaha ;)


I ride (or used to: Any Bicycling PE’ers out there) road bikes, and with the popularity of the livestrong campaign (think yellow bracelets), the name seemed an appropriate allusion to both my love for riding and my desire to live with a long member.

Mine is descriptive of why I started on this venture - hopefully soon to be a distant memory!

The time for procrastination is NOW! Start date: 2005/3/15 BPEL 5" EG 5.25" 2005/05/17 BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5"

My life status, a product of too much work.

When I was prompted for a handle I looked at the poster of a tiger hanging on my wall and presto, catman.

When I first started with PE I wanted to be 7” long. As I am approaching this goal I will need to change my username to want2b8!

When I first came here, all the good names were taken; Supersizeit, Hog6.5, Twatteaser, ThunderSS, tps, & DiamondWinds. Since the system wouldn’t let me have one of these, I thought of my goals in PE.

Dkasn - don’t know a screen name

Creative, huh?

Originally Posted by rousseau506
Bingo, my neighbour just got a new Boxer dog and as it was red, called it Russo.

:) I named myself after a Boxer dog belonging to one of my best friends (and also my old flat mate). His name is Ziggie. I lived with them for a couple of years, looked after Ziggie a lot, and knew him since he was a puppy. I love that crazy pooch.

We had several nicknames for Ziggie:

Ziggaroo (because he could jump about 5 1/2 feet in the air)



The Man happened to be my nickname in racing when I was younger.. And 3.4 is for the 3.4L V6 in my truck. I use this name on many forums

Something sounded good about these three letters, nothing more nothing less.

I am not good at making up screen names. While I was trying to think of a name, I looked up and saw the model number of my monitor — 800V.

Mine is self-explanatory . Just look at my avatar .


In Chinese astrology, your birth year gives you an animal and related element. When I signed up I was living in Asia and someone had just asked me what my animal sign was, so it sprang to mind when I was prompted for a user name. I also happen to have a passion for goats (no, not that sort of passion!). :)


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