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What does everyone's username mean?

First i would like to say hi to all members…Its nice to be back again after a long break. I love you all, this place changed my life totally.

My name means three things. I almost live in the north pole, Finland is pretty north. A pole is a big hard thing :)
Peter North has a nice shooter… Well i just like that name, it`s like a bit scabrous.

Mellors is the gamekeeper in Lady Chatterly’s Lover by DH Lawrence. Skinny posh English women turn me on so I guess I want to be him….

More up to date, I wouldn’t mind swapping places with Harrison Ford - Calista is perfect in every way.



Modest Man (aka, not well endowed), yet somehow verile in a Roman sort of way, not to be discounted, and with a flair for the classics.

I am not from Modesto, California, and (for the last time) no, I did not know Lacy Peterson.

A para-goomba is the thing in my current avatar. I chose it because it was distinctive, I guess.

Class? Anyone? Ferris Bueller?

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

Hi folks,

This seems like a good opportunity to place my first post!

Simply enough, I have small feet, size 7 in general. For certain brands, even 6 1/2. Wish they were bigger. Don’t have many pairs of shoes, as there isn’t much selection at my size.

I have small hands. Also difficult to fit (for gloves, etc.). Wish they were bigger.

And worst of all, I’ve got a small, maybe average p****. Wish it was bigger. Working on it!

If women are checking men out for ‘indicators’ for size, I’m sunk. So I’m aiming for a nice sized bulge.

My name is my initials.

My name mean is :

Hope ,Hopeful

My username reminds me of that little punk on the Simpsons pointing at me and laughing - this actually gives me the motivation to keep me pulling on my dick. (I know it’s wierd - but it works!):)

As soon as I can upload an Avatar you will see him

In medieval European folklore, the incubus is a male demon (or evil spirit) who visits women in their sleep to lie with them in ghostly sexual intercourse. The woman who falls victim to an incubus will not awaken, although may experience it in a dream. Should she get pregnant the child will grow inside her as any normal child, except that it will possess supernatural capabilities. Usually the child grows into a person of evil intent or a powerful wizard. Legend has it that the magician Merlin was the result of the union of an incubus and a nun. A succubus is the female variety, and she concentrates herself on men. According to one legend, the incubus and the succubus were fallen angels.

The word incubus is Latin for “nightmare”.

I also dig the band!!


Bond, James Bond.
The guy has style!
But think about it. In the early years he carried a Walther PPK. (little gun) Throughout the years and all the movies, his GUN keeps getting bigger. :)

That and he’s always getting laid.

Start: BPEL 7-7.25 EG 5.25 11/05/04: BPEL 7.5 EG 5.5 02/22/05: BPEL 7.75 EG 5.5 "I'm sorry, I can't, something big's come up." James Bond in Goldfinger

Rita is one of my alter egos. She’s very sexy and uninhibited. M.M. = Meter Maid

You have a strange mind, Incubus. I like that in a person! :D

Start a dialogue! The Gay Role Poll is waiting for your vote! :)

All truth goes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self evident. -Schopenhauer

I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. -Richard Dawkins

j is my first name initial, john

space is what I deal with being an architect (not famous, just trying to be successful)

My original name was 678 because I measured at 5 7/8 when I started and wanted to go to 6 then 7 then… well you get it. After I hit 7” Thunder was kind enough to allow me to change to 789 and hopefully sometime in 2005 I will hit 8 and when I do I will again ask for a name change to 8910 or something equally boring and non-creative, but still motivational for me.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


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