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What do you guys think of this routine?

What do you guys think of this routine?

Im trying gain lenght more than width. I dont want to hang weights cause it seems dangerous. But alot of people are hanging with weight here. Heres my routine

5min Warm up (stand in shower, let hot water flow on dick)
15 min Stretches, 30 sec cycles (left, right, up, down)
15 min Jelq (with Power Jelq device)
5 min cool down (shower again)
10 min stretch

1 day on , 1 day off.

What do you guys think?

Might be better to do 10 min with the power jelq device followed by 5 mins manual jelqing, even the power jelq site recommends manual jelqing afterwards.

If you are going to use this device please do a search for power jelq to pick up all the threads where people have injured themselves. Also stop each stroke around around an inch before you reach the glans to ensure that you don’t hit the major nerve bundle there and don’t press too hard so you don’t effect the dorsal nerve.

Review your warm up technique, if it doesn’t sufficiently warm you up you increase the chances of injury. Might be better to use a warm wrap or rice sock.

Personally I wouldn’t stretch after the warm wrap at the end.

Also review the threads on jai stretches and read about static stretching.

Is that the kind of info you wanted?

This kind of thread might be better place in the newbie forum.

yeah , thanks!

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