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Wet Jelqing Flaccid

Wet Jelqing Flaccid

I sure hope someone can help me with this. My problem is that I’ve read repeatedly that when you wet jelq, your dick should be at 60% - 80% erect and, fellas, try as I might, I just can’t maintain that kind of hardness when I jelq. Maybe, I’m doing it too hard or, maybe, I’m just keeping the blood squeezed out of my dick but, for the 600 stroke jelq session, I can only keep it up intermittantly, at best. Don’t get me wrong - I’m still getting small gains and can feel my dick stretching out. I just can’t help thinking, however, that if I were doing these exercises as described with the 60/80 pumpitude, I might get even more out of the session.

My question: is doing the jelq while flaccid just a waste of my time and, if so, is there any secret you guys know of that can chub my puppy up without me getting a full-on boner?

I thank you for any advice you fellas can give me.

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Watch porn while doing it. Do 50 jelqs… jerk your meat until you’re hard, and then do 50 more reps.

Try that.

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I was always a “wet” jelqer. Porn does work, but it gets me too hard.

All I have to do is think about hot, past, sexual experiences (I have many thank god). I have no problem keeping it 70-80% erect, in fact I have trouble keeping it below 80% erect :)


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I bring some porn pics up on my screen whilst jelqing. At first I dare not look at it, inorder not to become too hard to push the blood forward, but after about 10 minutes of jelqing, I need something to keep me at that
80% level as my initial excitment level drops. So I look at the porn whilst jelqing and then make sure to look away inorder not to become 100% erect. Then I turn to look at the porn when I feel my erection level getting too low again. Too much porn and I am stuck at 100% and no porn causes me to get stuck at flacid after the initial excitment of rubbing my dick lowers. During the last 10 mins of a 30 min jelq session, I need to look at the porn with no turning away, inorder to remain at 80%.

So use porn, but use it effectively for what is needed.

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Use the porn for erection regulation. It will also help you learn ejaculatory control. Ultimately while jelqing to porn you’re going to want to orgasm and have to stop and take a break because of the overpowering urge to “finish”. Sooo….. you’ll be able to keep your erection for jelking and learn some control if you happen to need it.


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It’s good to also leave the porn on, but don’t look at it after you’ve gotten to the right erection level, then, to keep things going, leave it on and just listen to it. Sometimes the sounds of chicks getting fucked can be very helpful in keeping your interest.

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