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We’re All a Mess!

And they believed you of course?

BTW, Do you have to pay water rates in the North East? I hope not, as it would cost you a small fortune both for intake and for disposal.

Sorry, ignore this, I too fell for the water thing for a moment, you were just so convincing and it is plausible. Just about!

Can’t wait to hear your excuse if you ever start pumping, though I could, at a push, imagine a few of the possibilities you are liable to come up with.

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love this thread, thanks Wadz and everyone

I have always felt like a misfit but now I like it.

Pe has solved every thing that I thought was wrong with me. It’s the greatest therapy and doesn’t cost anything except time and supplies. The mental conquest is nearly won, I have eliminated penis envy with a bigger dick than I had before.

I look at tiles on the wall at home when I stand at the toilet and piss.

They are 8” tiles and I use the joint lines as a visual reference for length. The 4” tiles are fun too because I have gone way past 4.


Jspace, Coolio @ tile comparison, I enjoy the dangling aspect after stretching or hanging…

Rousseau506, Water is pretty inexpensive here. But I was in Ireland last year, and we had to pay extra for how much water we used, there was a meter in the apartment, so I imagine it’s costly in the UK? Also, we had a guy from England stay at our house and he took a shower in like 2-3 minutes…

I’m dwelling on getting a pumper, but that will be a tough one, since it is very rare that someone in the house doesn’t cross my path at least every 10 minutes or so. When I do the weight hanging, I have the weight tied on with a shoelace, so I can do a quick release and cover up.


You are so funny SM. I think you have both pumping and hanging just about sussed, so go for it and improvise as and when the need arises!

Pumping arrangements are just about perfect, 10 minute sessions I believe are the way to go. The hanging idea has me in suspense. I can just envisage an emergency quick release followed by an almighty clatter as the weights just slip through your hands. “Wow! Did you hear that thunderstorm just then?” Of course, hanging without weights would be almost foolproof, give or take the odd recoil. “Wow! Did you hear that gunshot?, sounded pretty close!”

There you go then, your first cover all sorted and all that remains to be done, is to think of a few variations and alternatives which will come out so quickly and naturally, they will never fail to convince.

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:


You are the man!! Excellent thread and your deep thoughts make it happen.

PE has become an obsession of mine too and I love it. There is nothing like rock hard erection… through the night and with your gal.

I still am in shock that I have gained what I have in 10 months. I only just wanted to be average, now I want to be way above that. I started at 5 3/4 BP and now am 7.5 BPEL. I thought if I was ever this big it would look huge, but I doesn’t yet and I want more. I would love to have your girth. I started at 4.5 EG and now am 5.25 EG. Six would be awesome!


Originally Posted by craig68
Hey Wad,
A little off the subject, but you’ve got the best organ terminology I’ve ever seen.
Selected Samples:

“Beef Wand”
“pussy-splitting python”
“piss-spitting elephant trunk”

Hell yeah! BTW, post #8 above is one of my all-time favorite posts.

Keep ‘em coming,

I have a few others….

A neighbor woman was recently showing me a bucket of tadpoles that her daughter has on the front porch. She said to me, “They look like a bunch of sperm cells swimming around.”
I thought, “Hmm….tadpoles….NADPOLES.”

Also, I ran into an old buddy from my childhood a few months ago. We’ve been bullshitting on the phone, hanging out once in a while. The other day he popped over, just as I was coming out of the shower. He told me that he just got a scrip for Viagra. I told him, “Don’t need it.” Then - and who knows why - I whipped my organ out (slightly puffed) from under my towel and proceeded to slap it against my television set. He said, “Damn, that’s a flail you’ve got there.” And I said, “Yeah, a flesh flail. Then I said, “I’ll bet Cindy would enjoy this.” (his wife - and a real hottie). My joke was not well received.

And one other - pelvic spackle. Think about it - your packing “joint compound” into a hole in her pelvis.

Oh well….yeah, I know I’m fucked up.

- w a d


You always amaze me and would no doubt be great fun to hang out with

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Besides finding a place to discuss something that men normally would never share with anyone, and surely not another man, and our collective obsessive-compulsive inclination, the thought occurred to me as I was reading this thread, that there are so many things in our lives over which we are powerless. As much as we would like to control these things, we can’t, at least for now.

And then we discover, like the “magic pill,” that a condition we always considered permanent—i.e., our penis size, or our E.D., or whatever, we potentially have control over and CAN change. And soon it becomes a “magnificent obsession.” There are worse things to obsess about as has been shared so honestly here by others.

Great thread, Wad.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Originally Posted by wadzilla
Then, you’d be standing there with your piss-spitting elephant trunk in hand, when the eerie music would start….Rod Serling would step out from behind the drapes, narrating….”Andrew 69, a man who spent his life waiting for that ‘special woman’ and who, in preparation for meeting her, squandered years of his life enlarging his penis - only to repulse his dream woman by his outrageous genitalia and lack of personal development in other areas. Look at Mr. 69, standing there in tears, as he woman walks bow-legged out the door, dripping a crimson trail as she curses him. Bewildered, Andrew walks to the window and opens it….then steps out into thin air….into….


I nearly pissed myself laughing at that. That’s my new goal, to be told I have outrageous genitalia! My length gains have been low for a while now but my flaccid is up though I never really measure it, I would actually say it is the biggest flaccid I have ever seen in real life (great realisation), it is nearly 6” long and 5.25” girth if fluffed a bit.
I was down swimming in the sea the other day and it was cold but it was still hanging nicely. The beach has little seats inside cubby holes where people get changed. 3 young guys about 14 were there getting changed and messing about after being in swimming. A girl about 20 (probably one of their sisters who drove them there) was waiting on them looking out at sea so as not to be looking at them changing. She kept shouting “are you ready yet guys?”. I was in the next cubby even closer to the girl. I knew she had to look around at some stage so whipped my tracksuit off and stood there with only a T-shirt on, pretending to be looking in my bag for swimming shorts. The boys shouted they were nearly ready and sure enough she turns around to see them and I catch her glaring at my cock out of the corner of my eye. A minute later she looks around again and one of the boys shouts “look, she can’t stop staring at that guys big dick!” to embarrass her. I look at her in disgust and quickly cover up as though she was a peeping tom, she goes bright red and turns around immediately, the guys roar laughing shouting “I bet you wish Dave had one that big”, presumably her boyfriend.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...

Trigger: SCOM, LMAO! That was hysterical! I only hope I can get that comfy/large someday, and do something like that. Christ, I make sure other guys in my 4-some dont have a chance of seeing me when I pee by a tree, let alone do what you did, love that story…

Wad: You are crazy man! lol! Is that like having “sex on the telly” <said in Monty Python tone> (no pun intended on python, but reserved for future use.) .. The guy was probably already mad that you were big, then you said that about his W, too crazy!…

Rouss: You are funny. I just know you are dying for me to start a “I got caught” thread. I hang while working out, i.e. I walk around very gingerly (ala like a guy with bad hemmorhoids), so weights hitting the floor would sound normal.

End the practice

I´m 71, from age 69 I´ve been pe-ing with intervals (pardon me, English is
not my native language). I went from 6 to 7”. Believe me, Wad, your 7.5 size is more than enough. All of us have problems quitting PE, I include myself, but I´m achieving it. Having a bigger unit is OK, but what I at my age consider the best part of it is that I´m able to have sex -and a very good one- with my Mrs. Next time I´ll tell you more about my achievements and failures in quitting PE.

Best regards,


If her boyfriend finds out and asks her about it, you can bet she will say she wasn’t staring and size doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter to her, then why was she staring?


Definitely, give the details on your sex life. Most would think that would be a thing of the past at that age.

My Dad is 64. He says that he is still active, but things are not like they use to be. Which is to be expected. I thought about telling him about PE, but we are about as opposite as it is possible to be.

I believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to. He is much more pessimistic and believes that everything is a scam. He even believes that Viagra is a waste. So I figured I would save both our time and not bother telling him about PE.

But for my benefit, I would like to know that it is possible to be active at that age, so bring on the details.


Yeah, big 71!!

Tell me where I’ll be 7 years down the road. WHoooeeee!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



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