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We’re All a Mess!

Originally Posted by KOG

I must say that I love having a place to go talk to other men who are just as openly obsessed with their unites as I am mine. It isn’t easy to spark up a conversation about your penis in casual conversation with a stranger or even someone you know. I’ve done it many times; I love talking about my penis, but it often gives the person to whom I am speaking a more accurate estimate of my character: weird. I don’t want everyone to know I’m weird right off, so I can get on Thunder’s and share my obsession with others who share my obsession.

Yeah, this place can become addictive as well. Sometimes I think I spend too much time here, and not enough time doing other things (like figuring out the configuration of my damn IIS 5.0 for my Zend Studio! DOH!).

I agree that I haven’t seen any real judgemental attitude when it comes to talking about our units, sizes, or enlargement goals. We’re all “birds of a feather” when it comes to that. And, really, where else can we share this crazy shit?

I agree also about it not being wise to raise this subject with those in our daily lives. I once caught myself going on and on about the sizes of a few guys in a porno I saw when I suddenly recognized the silence, and the people just looking at me. Needless to say, I now reserve “cock talk” for Thunder’s.

Originally Posted by craig68
Hey Wad,
A little off the subject, but you’ve got the best organ terminology I’ve ever seen.
Selected Samples:

“Beef Wand”
“pussy-splitting python”
“piss-spitting elephant trunk”
Keep ‘em coming,

Really? Shit….here’s a few others:
Vein-wrapped party piston
pulsating mayonnaise-launcher
love ladle (as in, “May I stir your honey pot with my love ladle?”)
meat pole
beef rail
one-eyed pelvis wedge
mound mauler
rectum wrecker
colon climber
DNA straw
seed spreader
inner-pelvic cum dispenser
bitch-boring jumbo drill

and my favs for jism….
Testicle Tea
Gonad Gravy
DNA Delight
Love Lava
Ivory Syrup
man snot
ball barf
fuck drippings

yeah….I definitely spend too much time here…

oh yeah….

scrotal sneeze

sack spew

carnal cream

primordial broth

loin lasher
egg scrambler
hymen hacker
bun stabber
tonsil tickler
womb whip

baby batter
throat glue
belly lotion
pussy paint
love jelly
nut slop

>fuck drippings < :D

Originally Posted by Umbram
Excellent points, everyone.

I’m curious as to whether or not a good number of people might have abandoned other obsessions for PE — as in, “I use to constantly worried about being {bald, fat, ugly}, and trying to do something about it, but ever since I discovered PE, I don’t care anymore!”

I’m willing to say that, for me, PE is probably an expression of an underlying obsession problem (which has changed its focus periodically).

It’s an interesting thing to consider (while hanging, of course).

That describes me. I used to be obsessed with bodybuilding, using all kinds of steriods and spending much of the day thinking about it. Ever since I found out about PE a few months ago I’ve barely been to the gym!


It´s the same thing for me.

I always used to work out at the gym 3 times a week, but since I added PE exercises,

my other routines gets fucked up!

So my dick gets bigger but my body gets skinnier for every day.:mad:

From one extreme to the next. My body was alot healthier prior to PE. My mind was not, but thats still up for debate. I was alot more into bodybuilding before I started PE, but I wouldn’t consider my inconsistency with the gym the past few years had anything to do with being “mentally” obsessed with something else. I just don’t have the energy to maintain both PE and the gym. One of those alone can be physically and mentally draining. Try doing both, and the quality of one will suffer.

I went from insecure, to greedy in a span of 3 and a half years. I’m very happy with how far I’ve come, because in retrospect I can control being greedy, but I couldn’t control being insecure. I could honestly say that I could quit PE tomorrow, and I’d be more than satisfied. But my struggle is not with what I have gained, but with what I can still gain. I know that with enough effort, perserverance and dedication, I can reach 9”, something that never entered my mind when first starting PE. I’ve had my mind set on that for awhile. My expectations went up, now my mind will not expect anything less(I guess that is a good quality to have).

I’ll be done with PE once I hit 9x6, I can almost promise that.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

I don’t think I’m suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder: When I look at my erection in the mirror, I think it looks big. That doesn’t stop me from wanting more, so I guess I’m some kind of misfit anyway.


Exactly your mind has become like mine totally fixed on 9 and there isn’t any way to stop before, I wish I carry over this dog determination to the rest of my life.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Good post brother Wad,

My thoughts on this are that PE is a special privilege for those of us that were smart enough to set aside any initial doubts and investigate it, take a chance and try it, maybe it works ,maybe it doesn’t, when we do achieve some gains, we can then stand proud and pat ourselves on the back for making the right decision and taking some action on it and for doing something that so many men are not even aware can be done.—that makes all of us on this forum a very unique breed of men.

Those that have heard rumours about it and maybe even scoffed and decided not to investigate it—well thats their loss and not everybody wins (even those that do try it)

As a former veteran of PE with stats of over 9x7—I needed no convincing but only wondered whether at my age 39 I could regain what I once had at age 22.

I see PE as a kind of secret endeavor because most people know that with enough effort…

You can make more money
You can change you image (plastic surgery)
You can build you body
You can improve your fitness level
You can improve your nutrition
You can grow mentally
You can grow spiritually
You can change your attitude

However those very same people do not know what many of us that are fortunate enough to be members of this forum do know and that is…


Its just absolutely breath taking and inspiring thought, its very exciting, its addictive and the results are worth it— it can dramatically alter your sex life and boost your confidence level :) and when you have size—all the things that I mentioned above seem to take on a whole another meaning—its as if you were able to up the ante and stake a new claim on life, its as if PE was somehow woven into the fabric of life and enhanced all other things that you decide to do. Much like working out in a gym, I believe that PE by itself is not enough to improve your life because what you may lack in other areas can come back to haunt you but if you had to choose one good physical starting point for improving your life and setting the pace for all other changes in your life—then I think PE is an excellent choice! Success breeds more success.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


This is a great thread with so many observations that touch on motivating factors for all our misfit behaviour.

All my life I’ve gone from one obsession to another. Never really finished one before moving on to the next one. PE is my newest obsession and has replaced porn addiction and is now also replacing alcohol. My wife wants me to stop PE, but realizes that it sure beats porn and alcohol. So for now she gives token resistance to PE, but is happy for the overall change in me. I have a feeling that once I reach 8 inches, she’s going to be happy about the PE part too.

The thing that strikes me, now that I’m looking back on all these addictions, is the sense that there’s a common negative driving force in them all. I was never good with women and porn was a sad placebo that would bolster low self-esteem in that area for hours at a time. I still like my porn, but now it doesn’t consume me. Thank you Al Gore. Alcohol is an interesting obsession that temporarily numbs all the negative driving forces and gives the illusion of peace and harmony. Truely a powerful force after a life time of self-hate and has led to very few sober days over the last 3 years. I find it interesting that PE is more important to me than drinking and is pushing alcohol out of the picture. What this says to me is that PE is mending the tears in the fabric of my self-esteem where nothing else has been able to do that. How strange is that?

I’ve done some pretty extreme things in my life to help bolster my self-esteem, but nothing has been as powerful as PE. Bicycling has been a long time extreme obsession that has certainly helped my self-esteem, but nothing like PE. Over the last five years, bicycling has been dropping off and destructive obsessions have been taking it’s place. Since PE, I’ve been bicycling much more in spite of the bad weather. I don’t know how or why PE is having this effect, I’m just very grateful. Having a great bunch of guys to share all this with makes it all the better. I’m happy to be a misfit here at Thunder’s and glad to share the company of my fellow lunatics.

But what will happen when I hit my goal and I have to quit PE? Is there a ten step program for recovering PEaholics?

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

I recognize myself in much of what`s been said already. When I first started PE I think my routine was perhaps 20 minutes 3 day on/1 off jelqing/stretching, and I thought to myself:” Well, if it works I guess I have to take the time”. Back then I would NEVER believed that months later I would hang weights of my penis with a hanger for at least 60-80 minutes(inc breaks make 2-3 hours) a day and often jelging in addition to that as well. And I find myself still trying to fit more time so that I can hang even more. The thing is that I`m working from 0700 in the morning till 1630. I`m also going to the gym three times a week. I find myself being thorn between my prioritations, and my social life has suffered a LOT. Perhaps I should attend a wholebody routine and cut down the gym to once a week, and then concentrate on hanging and friends:-) However I get to read a lot of interesting books and so on while hanging, that`s valuable! And I know that when I got a 8 X 6 a couple of years from now all the time invested will be cherished greatly no doubt! Ohhh…shit I`m a mess and this post of mine is a mess as well:-)

Going to the gym now!;)

Originally Posted by wadzilla

And here’s another irony – had I been packing this unit when I was a young buck, I would’ve been thrilled (at least very satisfied). I would’ve enjoyed it to the fullest, and not had any hang-ups. Nor would I have ever gotten involved with PE (even though I first did because I was searching for helping with E.D.).

I’m not sure that I would have felt this way myself, how you see your unit really has nothing to do with how big it is. It’s a matter of comparison, if you only compare yourself to porn stars you might have a 7 inch penis and think you are small. If you compare yourself to the guys in the showers at school, you might have a 7 incher and think you are hung. What about the “turtle affects” that 7 inch penis might have been only 3 inches when the guys pulled your shorts down in front of the cheerleaders………..

So maybe the guys who come here and start PE with 7 inches or more didn’t see themselves as “hung” either.


IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Originally Posted by supersizeit
As a former veteran of PE with stats of over 9x7—I needed no convincing but only wondered whether at my age 39 I could regain what I once had at age 22.

How come all that gain (however much it was) you once made went missing and gone?


>One of those alone can be physically and mentally draining. Try doing both, and the quality of one will suffer. <

Totally man. Gym doesn’t take up as much time, but quite a bit when you consider travelling (if you have to) warm ups, showers etc. I need some time to just sit and watch TV or whatever without doing any hanging or working out. I am lazy though.

>I’ll be done with PE once I hit 9x6, I can almost promise that.<

I recommend a program of 12 hrs 6 minutes hang time per week, seems to work well.



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