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Warming Up

Warming Up

I dont really warm up or warm down when i do my PE is it essential that you do warm up and down and will i gain better growth, if so what are some good techniques.


While it is not essential to warm up before or after a workout, it is greatly beneficial. I myself seldom do warm ups, but when I do I can feel the difference in the quality of workout that I get. Different people use different methods to warm up. Some use a hot towel by running hot water on it and then placing it on the penis, others take hot showers/baths, still others heat up a pad in the microwave. When I have the time I like to do either the towel or hot bath/shower, or if I don’t have the time for bath/shower then I just put some hot (not too hot though :) ) water in a container and insert my penis in there and hold it for a few minutes.

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Many guys swear by a 5 min warmup and also a cool down.

I’ve seen several guys mention that they do little to no warm up.

It would seem advantageous to do some type of warmup to prepare the tissues in question for the workout ahead. You wouldn’t try to do a split without stretching your legs a bit, I’d apply the same logic to your dick.

Some guys, myself included, do a couple mins of massage, get it nice and “fluffy” (as Dino put it), and then start their workout slow and easy, gradually increasing the intensity.

Injury avoidance is something to always have in your mind during PE. An adequate warmup is a little time well spent.

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Thinking about safety, it’s always wise to warm up. Think about weightlifting——no one in their right mind comes in cold, throws the mas they can bench on the bar, and proceeds to pump out 10 reps. Same thing goes with your penis. Warm it up, or you’ll eventually get injured, and be out of commission

Check this link out:

The Virtues Of a Warmup

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