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The Virtues Of a Warmup

The Virtues Of a Warmup

Well, there’s something to be said about listening to those “who have been there”. Just a little story with a point.

The other day, while in the shower, I thought “Oh, I’ll just do a few JAIs and maybe some light jelqs, ‘cause every little bit helps.” Well, I proceed to do this, figure I’m not really a PE-in-the-shower-kinda-guy, and finish up. Before I get out, I look down, and holy hell, I have a huge contusion on top of my shaft. I check, double check, check for pain, and check again. Yup, its a bruise alright, damn fine one, at that. THAT, guys, is the results of not warming up. I have no idea why my vein (and I have quite a large one running the top length of my shaft) blew like that; I have to admit I don’t warm up that well prior to PE. Used to use a rice sock, then switched to warm wash cloths. Gonna invest it a heating pad, try that out.

Well, this is day 2 post-blowout day. No real ill effects, had fantastic sex last night with the gf, great wood, no probs there. A wee bit sore today, but I don’t think that’s from the contusion. I don’t think I’ll resume PE till it’s fully healed, which is a pisser, because I’m just starting to see some good flaccid gains and better circulation. Word to the wise, WARM UP.

Good story and advice. Thanks for posting it.

Well, I did a light jelqing session yesterday, with no ill effects. So, that’s a total of about 10 days rest. The bruising subsided in about 5 days——I was surprised at how long that took. The injury itself didn’t seem to affect sexual performance, thank-freakin’-god!

But, scary, none the less.

it happened to me as well, but then I had my jelq-session in a dark room… watchin porn to get my 70% erection… and it felt so nice so I was doing it for approximately 30 minutes. And then when I lit the lights I had a purple spot on one of my veins =(… but it has faded away, it took me about 3-5 days as well…

Restarting everything.

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