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Voice Drop and PE - Coincidence?

Voice Drop and PE - Coincidence?

Hi, for starters I’m 18.

I had experienced a voice drop in the 13 - 15 age range, however around my 18th birthday — about the same time I seriously started getting into PE — my voice dropped considerably into the baritone range. Is this just a coincidence or does PE actually have an effect on the testicles or adrenal glands or anything concerning testosterone production?

I was told by a singing teacher that a man’s voice does not mature fully until about the age of 23, so might be that.

Wished I’d started (or knew about) jelqing at 18. Good luck with it. Isn’t the internet (and this site) a wonderful thing?!


Thanks roy.

On that topic, Thank the internet for letting me find this beautiful website. I think it is time to donate and give back what I have taken from this place as soon as I can.

Back on my topic, anyone else got any ideas?

My voice was a mess in my teens and continued to have the occassional crack until I was in my early 20s. I think it’s probably not abnormal.

Like so many other topics in this field, it would make for an interestng research project, but I doubt you’d get many volunteers for the control group. :)


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