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Rubber dick

I can’t remember the name of the film, Incredibles or something like that. There’s a guy who can turn his body to rubber and fit his limbs through small cracks. Looks gross but it gave me this idea, imagining a cock being temporarily like rubber, since it seems PE is mostly about plastic deformation going beyond a specific guys genetically set penis size.

I wonder if substances (e.g. Which could be put in a cream or injection) exist or could be invented that could simulate the effects of advanced and extreme PE on penis matter (without the risk and effort of manual labour, with proper science and testing such a product should have less risk than advanced PE which is prone to human error) for example micro tears, stuff that weakens the relevant structures of the penis (but not too much) which would drastically increase the productivity of ordinary penis exercise. Especially for those no gainers with super strong dicks and balls of sttteell (duke nukem joke).


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