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Ultimate Stealth PE

Ultimate Stealth PE

Anyone wear their PE gear through airport security?

My ADS is almost all plastic- but the minuscule piece of metal concerns me that I’ll discovered with a hundred people standing behind me.
Talk about your awkward conversations.

‘Scuse me sir- can you empty everything from your pockets?”
‘I did’
“What’s that sir?”
‘What’s what?’
‘Oh… , that. Well, you see… Er… Um.’

Even if it were all plastic, the possibility of getting selected for a hand search— or worse, getting sent though some modern machine that can see to the skin underneath— no thanks.

Anyone else ever face this quandary?

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If you go through airport security, are you REALLY going to wear PE Gear? Can’t you give it a rest for a couple of hours???

That, my friend, is dedication!

I would never take any PE stuff through airport security if I was going to be somewhere for a long time I would ship it to myself. I had Jury duty a few weeks ago and a gum wrapper was setting off the security device.

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That would be too embarrassing! I would not wear my ADS if it had metal to an airport

How Embarssment! (Sorry Aussie TV joke for those who don’t get it!

A traction wrap ADS (which is an ACE Bandage wrapped a few times around the shaft) will NOT set off the alarm when you’re going through airport security.

They’re good for your Ron Jeremy bulge too.


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I was carrying my pump and I had to answer what’s that used for. I told it’s a vacuum cleaner!!!

This time I was carrying my PM and I was caught again. I had to tell him it’s a medical exercise equipment.

Both times I had my PE gadgets in the checked in baggage. In my opinion it’s okay to carry PE stuffs in the checked in baggage.

I wouldn’t wear anything during the travel or even carry anything in the hand baggage.

I wonder what would happen if one caught in security with such devices and questioned as to their purpose were to respond with the truth. “That thing is used to increase the size of my penis.” I guess security would either be so embarrassed, they’d rush you on, or perhaps feel as if you were mocking them and take you in for further questioning? An interesting social experiment.

I think it’s simple to say it’s used for ED treatment.

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