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Ultimate Goal: To be too big to Use!


Ultimate Goal: To be too big to Use!

It seems like a lot of people here want a cartoonishly large penis that is too big to use! And while this is a good fantasy, it is just that, fantasy. But here is a realistic goal I think a lot of us have, whether it has been said or not:

I want to have a penis that is big enough so that I have to take it easy on her.

That is to say, we want a couple “Go slows”, and we would love to hear “ow” now and again, and deep down — in our sadistic souls — we WANT to KNOW that if we so desired, we have such huge man-cocks that IT IS NECESSARY FOR US TO BE GENTLE. Because if we just went all-out and ravaged our conquests like an animal, we would TEAR THEM IN HALF!

That is what I want, anyway. I want women I am with to HAVE to notice I have a huge cock, and to HAVE to tell me to “take it easy” on them, and for my cock to be indisputably “BIG”.

That is not to say I will be cruel to women, or take pleasure in there pain, only that I want to experience the “manliness” of having the ability to cause women discomfort with my huge tool, and the necessity of (therefore) having to be sensitive to their comfort level. Of course, with the ocassional “ouch” thrown in. (I guess my ego comes before her complete comfort… very selfish.)

The sensitive Sadist,

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Well, I want a big tool to give my woman total satisfaction, not any pain, so yes, you are a sadistic bastard.

I’m with you commander. Your goal is also my goal. I have to admit I am a bit sadistic but in a nice way. I will take it slow if asked to.

Some women, actually more than a few of those I’ve come across enjoy a little pain and without it they will get no satisfaction :)

So true, I too want to be at that point. I would love to have it part way hanging out when they tell me they can’t handle any more. But for now I think I’m going for a 8 npb and a 6.5 eg or bigger . I love the way a thick and long unit looks. I don’t think ill ever stop clamping regardless of how big I get.

Me too, want to cause a little pain!! “Scramble the ovaries”

I had a g/f that had a hard time with my modest tool. The first time she felt it through my pants, she said, “Oh man, thats gonna hurt”. She got a little embarresed saying it, as she didnt really relise she was thinking out loud. Well, I could hurt her with it. Some women cant handle much. Some can take a telephone pole!!
When I`ve got a real “man pole”, I may look her up again..

6/12/05 6.5 BPEL 5.125 EG 1 week! 6.875 x 5.375 UPDATE.. 7/28/05 OK, I would say I`m a SOLID 7.000 now!! Squeezing out 7.250 BPEL!! OH! Wait a second.. Now I`ve hit 7.375. New numbers!!! 12/7/05 7.625 BPEL!!!!!! Hang long, hang strong! Hey!! This shit works!!! :thumbs:

I still say 8X6 nbp is the perfect dick, at least from a woman’s point of view. But I’m not doing this for HER I’m doing it for ME. I want one of those unusable ones, at least a 9X7. I can be gentle with it.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Judging by your thread A Dick too Big to Suck, I thought you’d weigh in with an “unusable” one, Big Girtha.

I think I’d be happy with 8NBPx6, though if I get there I’ll probably re-evaluate my goals and join your club! I can be gentle, too.


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I tend to lean towards petite girls that would be scared to death of a 8x6. I’d be so happy with a 5.5in girth; until I get there anyway. Isn’t that how it always goes?

Damn, you guys crack me up! 8x6 nbp is a huge dick yet you guys treat it like it’s not that big of a deal. I used to be 8x6 and man did I hurt women. I had to take it easy a lot. Now that I’m 8.5 nbp x 6.25 mid shaft it’s really a pleasure to see the expression on my g/f face. And what’s more, I’m aiming higher. Maybe when I hit 10 nbp I will stop. Or, maybe not!

You guys keep forgetting that women come in different sizes and different sexual appetites as well.

I’ve had two girlfriends who liked extremely big cocks. That’s not to say that they weren’t satisfied with mine; every once in a while they liked to play around with something bigger.

Do an online search for the BAM dildo. Now picture a beautiful woman slamming herself up and down on that thing with her head back and pussy convulsing!

Do an online search for extreme penetrations or fisting… there are lots of women who like size!

NOW tell me that my goals of 11”x7” or 12”x6.5” are excessive, silly, unusable, cartoonish or crazy!

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

I always want to be able to go deep and hard. So not too big for me.


Do you really need a penis that can hurt a woman’s pussy, to feel “manly”?

Wow, that’s too bad.

And remember this fellas: there are women out there who can take a cock larger than any man on earth has. Literally. There are women who are also into fisting, even into horses. So, you’ll never develop a penis that would strike fear into the hearts of every woman on earth - unless, of course, you got up to about 15-16” x 9.

I only have 6 1/4 and came here to mainly try to keep things hard as i’m in my mid 40’s now… If i get a little bigger so be it… but to hurt my little lady… nope…


cub, this will do it for you. By the time I was only 37, I was having erectile problems - and I’d lost some size.

PE turned my cock to iron. I’m literally as hard as I’ve ever been in my life.
And I’m a lot bigger now too.

Natural size: 6.5 x 5.25
Size at 37: 6.12 x 5.2
PE Size: 7.72 x 6+

If you worried about wood quality - kegels. Lots of kegels. Do quick reps, do longer clenches (10-20 seconds of kegeling as hard as possible), and do kegel-holds (just kegel fully, then hold it for as long as you can). Alternate, mix it up. Your BC muscle will become like a bench vise.

Also, do not do extreme PE - that can harm erections. Moderate jelqs also help promote blood flow, penile health & wood. But stay clear of erect work - no bends, no clamps, etc.

I think PE can help a man keep a titanium boner well into his 60’s, even 70’s.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
cub, this will do it for you. By the time I was only 37, I was having erectile problems - and I’d lost some size.

PE turned my cock to iron. I’m literally as hard as I’ve ever been in my life.
And I’m a lot bigger now too.

Natural size: 6.5 x 5.25
Size at 37: 6.12 x 5.2
PE Size: 7.72 x 6+

And now you can help the ladies do their dishes, Wad.:)

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