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Ok lets see what i could add in here =)

1. When you guys jelq, do you actually feel the blood in the head at the end of the stroke?

When I jelq I don’t really feel too much pressure, besides I used it as a warm up to the squeezes anyways. I feel the pressure alot more during squeezes.

2. Do you guys prefer overhand(fingers to ground) or underhand?

I’ve tried both too, and I like overhand better. I get a better grip for squeezing the sides of my penis, which is what I like to focus on.

3. Do you guys have skin covering the head at the end of the stroke? By the way I’m uncut.

I’m uncut too, and yea I let the skin cover my head. Sometimes I pull the skin back from my head, when I’m holding the squeeze for a 10second count. ps: my head has been looking huge lately =)

4. Sometimes I feel a slight crunching feeling in my shaft all the way up. Not pain, or discomfort. Do you guys know what I’m talking about?

You know, I remember a couple months ago I had that same problem. It lasted about a month or so, but everytime I jelqed down, it felt like something was crunching inside, it was weird. I dunno what I did differently, but I haven’t had that problem in months.

5. After a good jelqing session, are you guys really engorged and full? I only seem to get this when I throw in some squeezes.

Well I always do about 10-15mins of squeezing now, so yea I definitely feel a better pump with squeezes. Overall squeezing just pushes so much blood through your penis. I luv it.

I know I threw alot of ?’s but I’m still a little uncertain if my technique is perfect.

Man, like Ucla said, no one’s technique is perfect, but you get better with experience, and you learn alot through your mistakes. Just keep experimenting and see what works best for you.

6. UCLA, I watched the video of the guy jelqing on yahoo. He was using fingers u, going pretty fast, and looked like he had a VERY gentle grip. Is that really the way it’s done?

I’ve seen that video too, definitely not a good example of jelqing, BUT he is hung as hell.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Your response.........

sounds like you have the hang of things pretty good. How long have you been on PE. What were your starting stats and what kind of gains have you made. Probably the only thing I didn’t mention in my stats recently is that I started with about a 4.75 to 5” erection. Now at 7.25” erect. My flaccid size really grew too. I was around 2.5 to 3 ” flaccid now a 6+ flaccid! I think that you can probably expect more significant gains if your starting size is small. From all the people I have communicated with and from what I have read, this seems to be the case. Those guys who have larger penis’ when they begin find that the gains are less than those of us who started with small sizes. I would like to hear from more of the members on this board as to what their starting size was and what their gains were. It would be an interesting commentary on the entire jelq issue and we could then perhaps get a more concise and complete argument for the benefits of PE. Thanks for your expected responses.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

To UC61LA and all the others here....

First off,

I wish everyone here on this board a very Happy Thanksgiving.

As to your question, UC, I started at 5.5” erect and 4.8”, I believe, in girth. But that was almost 2 years ago. I have been doing PE actively since March 2000 and passively since Dec. 1999, except a few jelq sessions here and there.

Even during my active participation of PE, I haven’t been doing the exercises religiously or on a consistent basis, as I propably should have. But, nevertheless, even on an irregular workout schedule, sometimes I had to stop for months due to work, I gained a fairly nice amount. I’m shootin’ for 8 x 6. But I’m not one of those who want to reach that goal no matter what. I don’t want to overdo it, overwork my dick or do any damage. I think I found a workout routine that works best for me right now, so I will stick with it for awhile. If I hit 7.5” and it stays that way, fine. Gaining 2 inches is more than doing long-term damage by trying accomplish too much and forcing your body into something its not willing to give. I take any gain I can get, but at the same time, I’m not desperate. MY GF likes it the way it is anyway. I’m only doing it for me. That said…..


Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


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