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Turkey Neck


Turkey Neck

I’ve heard this mentioned several times in the past but wanted to throw this out and see if anyone else could be like me in this case or am I the odd man out…

Turkey neck: I’ve always had this but didn’t know what it was called previous to spending more time then I should right here.. My “turkey neck” goes from my balls to the tip of my head! If I pull it out from side to side I can see how it turns into girth and is gone with an erection.. Any of you out there that have this going on and what is your girth?

Gobble gobble, got the turkey thing going to. You need to be a little fluffed before you get company down there.

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You said you’ve always had it, but did you always have the turkey neck from your nuts to your tip (before PE)? Or did PE bring this?


Is yours from the nuts to tip also? Or is it not as much as RWG’s?

always had it… I used to be ashamed of it big time but realized that once I was hard all that extra skin was gone and became tight.. I wondered if that is the reason I started out over average in size because I’ve never seen one (neck) that goes from stem to stern like mine does…

I myself have somewhat of a turkey-neck, although only up to about mid-shaft, in my case.

I wonder if it makes a difference on how low your balls can hang?

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

I have it also from balls to about mid shaft or so, but somehow I’ve never looked or noticed to see if it goes away when I’m erect.

I’ll check next time I’m hard. Not sure why girth would effect it but I’m 5 1/8.

I too was sort of embarrassed about it, I’ve seen some penile surgeon websites that say it can be fixed/altered but I’m not that desperate.

I wouldn’t fuck with mine either as it works just fine.. Doctor never said anything about on my yearly inspection either… Just sort of odd…

Yea I got one, and its pretty bad. Mostly contributing to my length gains. Everything has been stretched out. The attatchment point from underneath used to be at my base. Now it extends past midshaft from underneath. I also looked into doing something about it, maybe even surgerical. I’ve put off doing something about it, for now.

When I reach 9”, I’ll look into it again, since the turkey neck might get worse with another inch in length.

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How tight is the skin between the edge of the turkey neck and your head when erect? Would stretching the skin in that area help? Somewhere Bib wrote about hanging with his balls wrapped to reduce the sail.

I don’t have much of a TN, but my shaft skin was pretty loose even pre-PE.

When I’m erect I do not have a turkey neck.. The skin is tight.. I’ve got a two pictures in my picture thread showing the underside of my prick showing this… Everything works like it should but I always thought I was different with the “sail” going from balls to the head…

I’ve got turkey neck below mid-shaft when flaccid, and when I’m erect, the skin just on the underside (at the base) is loose for about an inch. It doesn’t look loose, but I can move it around quite freely. I can even feel it during sex. Not to whine or anything, but I haven’t had inches of gains, and I hate the thought that the only thing I’m gaining is extra skin. Not cool.

YGuy - Is it that annoying to make you consider surgery to remove it?

Do we have visuals on this?

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Visually its kind of annoying. It “hides” some of my flaccid hang, because the attatchment point of my skin is so far up the underside of my shaft. If the surgery isn’t too complicated(just cutting skin, and reattatching), then I might consider it. This is probably a year from now, so I’m not stressing over it.

When I get home, I’ll take a pic to show what I mean. I’ll be home in about a week.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

I have this “turkey neck” from my testicles to my glands and my sack rides high. I have thought that If it were cut from my glans and reattached to the bottom of my shaft, my sack would hang lower.

sometimes my testicles get pulled up under my fat pad when I “suck” in my stomach.

It causes me a little anxiety when a girl is going down on me and I have to press on my fat pad to get them back in my scrotum. Im not obese. A little chunky but have had this problem even when I was a skinny 18 year old kid!

Any advise or help would be much appreciated!

You can check out my member pics from a few months ago and you might be able to tell.

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