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Traction wrapping?

Traction wrapping?

I’m considering doing a trial with traction wrapping. I have read on a few posts that a lot of people seem to be wrapping towards the base and not from base up. This seems strange to me as I thought the idea is to hold your JT in an extended state whilst tissue repair takes place. Surely the idea would be to wrap base up to ensure that its held at an extended state. Wrapping head to base would seem to no be as effective.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this?


whats happening we got writers block?


Well, IMO, I don’t know if direction really matters, as long as it stays in a longer extended state than your normal flaccid.

I recently started traction wrapping with ACE bandages, and its quite easy for me to wrap from just behind the Gland, down to the base, have you tried both ways, and wrapping from the base is easier?

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Why would the direction of wrapping have anything to with healing in an extended state?

Originally Posted by wheresmyweenie

whats happening we got writers block?

I do now.

Both ways don’t matter, as the end will be secured anyways. Proper traction wrapping doesn’t involve the end being loose.

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