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A New Idea for Traction Wrapping....???

A New Idea for Traction Wrapping....???

Ok, here’s what I’m doing for a traction wrap for sleeping. I have a sleeve from the Grip System, it looks like a condom and it is ten times as thick. What I have started doing is hanging in the morning for an hour, wear an ADS device all day and before I go to bed I will hang 12 1/2 lbs for two 30 minute sessions.

When I go to bed I slip this sleeve over my member, it rolls down just like you would with a condom. The sleeve has no opening at the tip so it keeps blood from compressing in the the gland. Thisis simply for the purpose of keeping the penis fully extended throughout the evening while I sleep. If i move around in bed or have to get up to take a whiz, then I just unroll it off and when I’m done I just roll it back on ( after few pulls first ).

Has anybody ever tried this before? I’ve just started this last night, initially I was worried about sleeping and not being able to monitor this but when woke the next morning everything was fine…….so far.

I’ve only been doing my PE routine for just a month and am adding this to it. I would like some input from the vets if possible.

That kind of starves your cock of oxygen all night and that can’t be good.

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