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Traction type devices/inventions

Traction type devices/inventions

Hey guys,
I’m curious to know if anyone here has used any kind of “traction” type device/invention (e.g. “Penis Stretch”, “Male-Maxx”, etc…) , or “light-weights” , “all-day-stretch”, etc… (Tom Hubbard’s site had some interesting ideas*).

If so, what were your results?

*As a result of one of the ideas I saw at Tom’s site, I was discussing with some of my colleagues (physios).. about unusual injuries: I brought up the subject of “penile injuries” and what could be done for “broken penises”. (by that I mean, torn “muscle” tissues or ligament.)

Primarily it would obviously depend on where exactly an injury has been sustained i.e. along the shaft, or at the base, etc..

Any comments??


I’ve gooooooogled under the terms “broken penis” before and have seen splints mentioned. Don’t really know much about there effectiveness. Often it seems kinda sketchy when it comes to unusual penile problems. I get the impression the general medical community is just wingin’ it on alot of this stuff. SWM22 has used (or tried to) a penis stretcher if I recall correctly. You might PM him on that one. Several folks on EZ boards have also tried similar devices which can be found in the review section. One thing you may want to keep in mind is many of the folks who have tried this stuff are experienced PE’er with some background. I often wonder about the impression a non-PE’er gets when they first “strap into” one of these devices. Got to be scary! I could imagine the experience of putting on one of these strecther to help with an injury might be as traumatic as the injury itself. When you think about it, PE exercises are kinda silly in form and some actually have that torture look to them. groa

Hi Groa, Thanks for your reply.

I guess, regarding anyone who has sustained an injury, their primary concerns are whether or not they can be cured and if it will regain “normality” or “functionability”! The idea that any type of treatment might include a “traction” type device could be scary, but I’m sure a lot of guys would jump at the chance if the “cure” results in having a larger/longer/bigger penis!

I’ve been PE’ing for quite a while now and have always been on the look out for new ideas and method for gains (as many of us do! - if not we probably wouldn’t have forums!)

The other day, I was working on my car, and because of the cold weather where I live, I decided to put some insulating tubing over some of the tubes/pipes for protection. While buying the insulating tubing I suddenly had a “flash” thinking about Tom Hubbard’s site and remembered the light-weights section (I think).. I bought some insulating piping that I thought would be just right for the girth of my penis (when dry stretched)..and some “hose clips” (the kind that you “squeeze” to “open” and when you “release” the clip “tightens”).

As for the tubing and trying to fit it around my penis: Instead of cutting an “opening” in a straight-line from one end to the other, I cut a line similiar to that of a “spring”… I’ve found this to help in holding and supporting my penis shaft. I then secure this with two hose-clips.

Today I’ve worn the thing for 8 hours. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just strange. I checked my penis every half-hour or so, for any discolouration, etc…. and each time I changed the “direction” (i.e. placing my dick to the left or right, under my pants). In all that time, my wife didn’t even notice that I was wearing the thing (I told her about it later, and she couldn’t beleive that I’d had the thing on for 8 hours).

I don’t know how long it’ll be before I see any thing happening.. but I’m still continuing with my PE routine of manual stretching and jelqing.

Only time will tell!


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