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Blood type

Blood type

Maybe this has a link, maybe not. Since your penis is mostly blood when erect and also since you use the force of blood for PE, I was curious if blood type would have any relation to gains like genetics would. Maybe some of you veterans that have gained quite a bit could share what type you have, just to see if one blood type had a higher average of gains than the others. Just something that popped in my mind while PEing. ;)

Start a poll

You might get better results starting a poll although I am not sure how many people really now what their blodd type is. I would say you would also want folks to report gains and methods etc. - Dash

O negative

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

O positive. Slow gainer. Only .6” el and .25” girth gains in 2.5 yrs.


Seems that the onyl people who know their blood type have the rare ones.

My blood type is A positive

So far I’ve made some noticeable girth gains, but length is coming really damn slow..

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