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I liked “The power of a big dick”-thread :)

June 29th 2008: BPEL 17,3 cm (6.8"), EG 13,6 cm (5.3").

Goal: NBPEL ~ 19,5 cm (7.6"), EG ~ 14,5 (5.7").

Originally Posted by best_jeppe
I liked “The power of a big dick”-thread :)

Snap. I enjoyed that one too. Even when it changed into a female orgasm thread. I want to be a resident of Hungsville!

Given that this is a natural PE forum, it’s slightly ironic that the most viewed thread is about surgical enlargement.

I probably have a thousand of those views myself. I tend to pop in and out of the popular threads watching out for potential trouble. But yeah 8 Ball has a lot of friends here that were really interested in his problems and results.

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