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Tom Hubbard

Tom Hubbard

Hey guys,
Tom Hubbard has redone his site (he kindly put up a link to this place also). He has a completely new hanger design there also, really worth a look.
I invited him to join the forum here again, maybe he will this time. I told him this would be a good place to answer questions about his new hanger without using email.…/178/index.html


New Site: - Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop
Archived Sites: Tom Hubbard Archives

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That hanger of his looks unusual when compared to what we’re used to seeing, but it looks good. I also like what he’s done to his site. I was suprised to see a link to the Glossary page posted. Maybe that will motivate me to update it sooner.


Link doesn’t work. Thanks.

Originally Posted by penismith
Tom Hubbard,

Your a living legend man, I hope you start posting again.


Yeah, no shit on that, I still rummage through his old posts here.

Yep, link no workee at this time. Really would be nice if Tom came back around here a bit.

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I also thank Tom for having the best PE site years ago. The archive with his most recent updates is - here.

All in the PE community today owe a tip of the hat to Tom Hubbard, the original cheapskate innovator and inventor. :)

Yeah Tom was fun he has a hell of a creative mind

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Does anyone know what the web address is for the updated site? I’m interested in the new hanger design.


Two current links were added to the first post above.

I ended up finding Thunder’s place through Tom’s site. 3 Cheers.

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Originally Posted by Tube

I ended up finding Thunder’s place through Tom’s site. 3 Cheers.

Me too!

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