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Told Father about PE

Told Father about PE

My brother and I told our father about PE this weekend. At first, he was skeptical and was worried that we were obsessed about penis size (That we were thinking of having surgery was his main worry). After I explained to him that I do this for the same reason I lift weights…to look better and feel better about myself, he understood and was cool with it. He was surprised by my gains so far (an inch in length and 3/4 inch in girth)! In fact, he was supportive of our efforts after that, encouraging us to get bigger if that’s what we want. I don’t regret telling my father and brothers at all. It’s brought us closer together as adults in a father-son relationship.


That’s absolutely great that you and your brother are so comfortable to tell your dad. Can I ask how old you guys are? I would think that a little maturity would have been required to take the step you did.


Thats awesome man. I’m glad it turned out the way it did. Could have been alot worse, like having your dad think his sons were freaks or something. Hopefully it continues to bring you all closer.

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Guys really do bond when talking about sexual issues, even fathers and sons. Glad things went good Higherone!

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My dad is 51 and my brother is 22. I am 28. Yeah, I think being adults made it easier to talk openly about PE. Then again, some guys on here told their sons who are teens and they are OK with it. I guess it all depends. My dad and I aren’t what you can call close. Just a regular father-son relationship. It was cool to talk to him on a deeper level than the normal small talk.


If you can talk to your dad about this topic, you can probably talk to your dad about any topic from here on. What an incredible trust relationship you all have there. Again, that’s just great!


It wasn’t half as uncomfortable to talk about PE as I thought it would be. Yeah, I was nervous as hell, but once we started talking, it was a lot easier. I agree, that after telling hiim about PE, I feel I can go to my dad with pretty much anything now. It also opened him up a lot more in regards to talking more openly about sex with us…something he probably should have done when we were teens!


I wonder if your father would be interested in trying PE. He’s 51 and has probably grown accostumed to his penis over the years; however, that doesn’t make me believe for one minute that the idea doesn’t or wouldn’t tickle his (or the average 51 year old man’s) fancy. Aside from the prospect of getting a bigger rod, he may be especially turned on by the firmer erections, if he ever finds himself in a situation where his erections begin to fail.

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That’s why my bro and I decided to tell him about PE. He says that he’s “too old to worry about it now,” but we’ll see what happens later on down the road. The fact that he was cool with the idea of it leads me to believe that he might try it. If he doesn’t, it’s no big deal. He has the knowledge and can make his own decisions. I’ll keep you updated if he asks any questions about PE.

That is cool with your dad. I told my sons recently and when the older one went to college to summer school last week I have him a print out for some exercises from a site I used to belong too last year. He is open to jelquing. I told him I have grown. It’s great to be open about sexual and health topics.


Bulge here. You did the right thing. Bonding will be tighter. I’m a dad around same age and I am on a PE program.
The best,

Do you suppose Mom knows about it now?


That’s great, sounds like you day is really cool did he ask you to give him a newbie routine yet?


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I wish I could tell my Dad. I really don’t think my parents have sex anymore. I am so serious. I told my son he’s almost 14. I didn’t get to much into it with him. I just said pull on your pee when your taking a shower. Not hard enough to rip it off but hard enough to feel a good tug. Once he gets older I will tell him more about PE.

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Just to answer your questions….
No, step mom doesn’t know. I asked my dad to keep this between us and he said he would. I trust him not to say anything unless he decides to start on the program.

Second, no, I didn’t give him a newbie routine because he said he’s not interested. Didn’t want to push PE down his throat.

We’ll see if he asks about it within the next few weeks. I definitely plan to share when I gain with him, though.

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