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Freaked out about rice sock

Freaked out about rice sock

Guys, I suffer from Peyronie’s Disease (fibrotic scarring inside the penis). A few months ago I noticed an indentation on my erect penis that is a sign of Peyronie’s being active, so I began using a rice sock to apply heat to the penis, thinking increasing circulation would be helpful. I knew from lurking here that some guys use rice socks to heat up before PE.

I was using my Walgreens-bought rice sock just like I use it on my neck - I’d put it in the microwave for 90 seconds, then wrap the penis for about 20 minutes. I never felt any pain, or burned the skin or anything and all seemed fine. Then, I read a study on the Peyronie’s forum I frequent and it was about “Hyperthermia” treatment for Peyronie’s. The study warned very sternly that temperature should not exceed 104 degrees or it could cause “permanent cellular damage, including necrosis.” Well, this freaked me out and I decided to see how hot my rice sock was. I folded it over a meat thermometer after 90 seconds in the micro and it read 140-150!

This has really freaked me out wondering if I did some kind of permanent damage to my penis. It never felt painful and never caused any burning, etc., so I just assumed if it’s not uncomfortable, you’re ok.

Do any of you guys that use a rice sock get it hot like that?

Originally Posted by sonvolt
so I just assumed if it’s not uncomfortable, you’re ok.

If that rice sock was at 140 degrees then you’d never be able to wrap it around your dick for 20 minutes- NEVER. Maybe the bulb of the thermometer was resting on one particular grain of rice that was in the micro’s hot-spot or something, but NO WAY the mean temperature of that rice sock was 140.

Your quote from above pretty much describes the truth of how our bodies are built to react to pain from heat. If it’s too hot, your body will tell you. No reason to push the heat too far. As sparkyx has well described, even too much heat could produce negative PI’s by creating stress on your member.

Remember, it’s a WARM-up, not a HEAT-up. Prolonged warmth is all you need for either theraputic effect or to limber up the tissues before a work out.

Something is wrong with that 140 reading.

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