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To Jerk or not to Jerk?


To Jerk or not to Jerk?

First Question: Ok, here’s a strange question. I feel a kinda of like a pervert asking this but here goes… Can over masterbation (or too much sex) hinder your PE gains? I mean, the penis is already going through a lot of stress during rigorous PE training. So would ejaculating too often be a problem? I’m young but I have also recently gotten a 6 month supply of male enhancement pills. These things make me so damn horny that its not unusual for me to ejaculate 4-6 times a day through either sex or masterbation. They say the act of masterbating or having sex increases your testosterone levels. But when you ejaculate does it lower them being that you are releasing your semen?

Second question: Also, I believe a good diet with the right supplements is a good idea when training the body in anyway (PE or other excerising). What supplements do you all take and why? Currently I am taking a large assortment. Here is a brief list:

1) TwinLab Daily One multivitamin
2) 1000-2000mg of Vitamin C
3) 400-800iu of Vitamin E
4) 300-600mg Super Vitamin B complex
5) 1000mg Tribulus Terrestris
6) Various Amino Acids (all in one pill)
7) Extra L-Glutamin (for recovery purposes)
8) Male Enhancement pills (various herbs)

Taking this stuff seems to make a difference on my energy levels and sexual energy levels. However, since I am just starting PE I can’t tell you how about gains yet. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Jonnie D.

hey JD,

ejaculaton will increase test slightly for a short period of time afterwards, but not much. It wont have any effect on your PE except you might be a bit sensitive afterwards.

There is no supplement that has any evidence of helping you gain through PE, none. However recently some people have stopped taking Vit C, believing that because of its healing effect on connective tissues the penis will heal all the controlled damage done during the session too quickly, before any actual growth occurs. There is anecdotal (sp?) evidence to back this up (reports on the boards). This is more relevant to length routines than girth though. If you find yourself not gaining after a few months it might be a good idea to cut your vit C intake.

BTW, how old are you?

Good Luck

Good question, and a point of contention when it comes to masturbation directly after PE. I doubt it, sounds like more erections and more blood in the penis to aid repair.

Sounds like you are taking quite an assortment. If you have a good diet why are you taking so many supplements. B Complex is a standard supplement for vegetarians, are you vegetarian or do you eat little meat?

See this on vitamin C.

Some of these when taken in excess will just come out in the urine but I’m not sure about all of them.

Anyone else with a better vitamin knowledge?

You wanted to know my age. I am 25 years old. As for healthwise, I am in pretty good shape. I eat right, but not perfect, exercise, and take my vitamins. But after hearing about the vitamin c thing, I think I may cut back. No point in hindering my gains. Thanks for the info! I would have upped my vitamin c if you hadn’t of said that, because I thought it would have helped. What about taking vitamin c on recovery days only? That would be a good idea, right?

-Jonnie D.

I dont think it would be because you would still be healing from previous workouts. You can take big doses in your breaks from PE to make up for it. I have cut my supplementation of C completely, and I can honestly say I havent noticed a change in my health at all.

I am a bodybuilder and it looks like you are from what you say. If you ever used vitamin C before workouts to reduce soreness I have found that vitamin E works well too, and seems to help with recovery too.


As far as the masturbation goes, I’ve stopped after PE—-not an easy thing at first. Had to direct more energy my gf’s way :P…but seems to me, at any rate, that I stay “fuller” if i don’t jerk off afterwards. Just my preference.

I’m considering cutting my Vit C down as we speak. I still take about 1000 mg a day; there’s no question it helps with healing, and basic vascular health. My mother recently started taking some on my advice, and doesn’t bruise like a peach anymore. So….I’m a little at odds at what to do. For the sake of PE, do I cut out a supplement that has proven health benefits? Tough call in my books. But if other have, with no ill effects, I just might.

What to do?

So if I do PE at night, what about taking Vitamin C in the mornings? Vitamin C is drained out of your body every hour or two, right? So by the time nighttime came around, I wouldn’t have any vitamin c in my body to hinder my PE workout at night. Is this speculation correct or is my thinking flawed here?


No, your thinking isn’t flawed. After re-reading the link Memento posted (thanx again)….It seems to me, there may NOT be a correlation between Vit C and gains, or lack thereof. Some of the guys have made great gains, despite large Vit C intake. As I’m typing this, I’m just downing my post-gym shake and Vit C dose, along with my Vit E. I’ve changed my mind, I’m gonna continue to supplement. Besides, someone posted about how Vit C helps with Nitric Oxide release :D

Well, I’m a little confused. I’m pretty good with supplements when it comes to bodybuilding. But PE is just a whole new method of bodybuilding for me, so I’m just not familiar. But with the way the body works, and with the way PE works, I think it would make sense to take Vitamin C (and other vitamins) because your pulling, stretching, tearing the ligaments and what not when PEing so it has to heal either way. So by having the right supplements you’d heal faster (or healthier), which would in turn allow you to reach gains faster because you’d be able to PE more and at higher intensities. I mean, thats why I take supplements when I lift weights and run. My body is drained from the excercising, so the supplements allow me to heal and be re-energized for my next work-out. If I don’t take the supplements I run the risk of my body becoming weak due to the lack of them, and not being ready to train again. So logically, couldn’t we associate the same line of thought with PEing?


You don’t really have to put the thought into supplements for PE that you do for body building (note: I don’t do body building). As long as you gave a good balanced diet that should be fine. Circulation boosting herbs help some but many people don’t use them. I have taken veromax and male response but not particularly regularly. I smoke, I drink way too much coffee and though I occasionally take a berroca every now and again I don’t take regular supplements. I still gain.

In the end the controlled minor damage you do in every PE session should repair in around 4 hours (it’ll definitely be repaired overnight) no matter what you do.

So experiment and check out the info here but don’t worry overly about getting the supplement regimen exactly right.

Jerking and PE

I have had great gains….from 6.5 to almost 9” with stretching and jelqing modifications over the past 2 years. And I can hardly end a pe session without blowing a good load. Do it almost every time. Don’t think it hurt my gains. And it does increase testosterone long term. At 56 my testosterone is about 600. Not bad for an old guy. I don’t want to give up life’s little pleasures just to gain some length. I want both. I say, enjoy while you can. Your penis exists to bring you pleasure. So enjoy.


Great gains Magnum! What is your routine on stretching? Would appreciate hearing what you are doing to gain that length. That is what I want, the length. Not hard for me to gain girth, but looking for all the advice for gaining length. I am 61 so there are some of us older guys working for the rejuvenation too! Thanks Iowa


You’ll see MagnumXL’s (the PEer formerly known as 7-up) v-stretch in the faq :)

Very useful stretch.

My experience has been that I have better gains when I dont blow my load for a while.

I tested this out and posted my results on another thread, just search for it.

P.S. As far as vitamins go, Yes they are good, but too much is bad.
Remember A, E, D, K are fat soluble vitamins, and are harder for your body to get rid of extra of these, so dont overload on these.
Vitamins B, C are water soluble (excess lost in urine) and are not usually a problem. However, the body does have its limits, and people are now correlating some serious pathologies with excessive vitamin C intake.

More Info on Vitamin C???

UpgradingUnit, I am no “leading expert” on vitamins, but I have a keen interest in them and have done a good deal of research. Vitamin C, being a completely water-soluble antioxidant is one of the safest and most beneficial supplements I know of. I take high doses daily (6,000-8000 mg/day), and am convinced that the extraordinary good health and fitness I enjoy at age 50 is helped and not hurt by this supplementation.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 60 mg per day is just enough to keep one above the scurvy level. Significantly higher doses have been credited with defending against everything from colds to cancer. Dr. Linus Pauling, the late Cal Tec mega prize-winning scientist (including TWO Nobel prizes) studied the effects of massive doses of C on every form of cancer, leukemia, and both Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. The unavoidable conclusion was that saturation levels of Vitamin C slow tumor growth and can reverse (i.e. cure) many cancers.

Many other highly reputable researchers have credited large doses of Vitamin C with increasing resistance to fatigue, being a natural antihistamine, providing a shield against stress, taming flu symptoms, decreasing blood cholesterol, prevention of artery-clogging clots and plaque, reversing gum disease, healing cold sores, curing spermagglutination (a form of male infertility), speeding recovery after surgery by increasing collagen production, lowering the tendency of skin to bruise, etc. And, the list truly goes on and on!

I don’t wish to solicit a debate on the subject, but I have grimaced as I watched Vitamin C getting something of a bad rap on this forum lately. Does it hinder PE efforts? Some think it might, and for them it may be so. Others take large doses and have good gains, so it certainly is not a universal indictment against Vitamin C. The only “scientific” charge I have heard against large doses of C is the possible formation of kidney stones. But the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that indicated that 15 grams a day of Vitamin C given for 4 months produced ZERO kidney stones in patients with healthy kidneys. Only diseased kidneys are adversely affected by large doses.

So, if there is scientific evidence of “serious pathologies” related to large doses of Vitamin C, I’d be the first to appreciate knowing what that evidence is. As a mega-consumer of C, I don’t want to be caught off guard by some potential life-threatening illness resulting from my “C” addiction. Please share what you were referring to, as your statement really concerns me!




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