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Gains, Vitamin C, amount of work


Gains, Vitamin C, amount of work


I do not want to open a can of worms or start any bad dietary habits, but if you will, please answer the following questions.

Please give your:

amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?
hours per week of PE?
type of PE?
mgs of supplemental daily Vit. C?
whether you eat or drink a lot of Vit C?
when Vit C is taken in relation to your PE workouts?

I have had my own personal theories about this and would like at least a little evidence.




Although I haven’t PEed for a long time (2 months now, mainly because of privacy issues, that are probably going to be delt with next month), I’ll give my input on this.


4.3 cm (~1.7”) in erect length / 2.1 cm (0.8”) in erect girth

>amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?

Started on the beginning of April 2000, but only took measures on the 11th of April 2000.

>hours per week of PE?

Right now, none. 2 months ago, and the previous 2 months before that, I PEed around 1-2 hours per week. In about a month’s time, I’ll probably be PEing about 20-30 hours per week.

>type of PE?

Right now, and as soon as I start again, only hanging with a couple of jelqs / squeezes sometimes. Before that I used BA’s program, before that it was stretching / hanging and jelquing, and before that was Reece’s program.

>mgs of supplemental daily Vit. C?

One daily dose provides around 2.6 grams of Vit C, along with many other things.

>whether you eat or drink a lot of Vit C?

Not really, as a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for the supplements, I’d be having none, daily.

>when Vit C is taken in relation to your PE workouts?

I usually take it before breakfast and before lunch. I don’t schedule it in relation to my PE workouts, because I normally workout first thing in the morning, or at the afternoon.

Hope this helps!




In 3 months of hanging and jelqing I have had the following gains:

1.2 in. EL & 1 in. EG

I take a multi-vitamin that contains about 1000 mg or IU (I can’t remeber the unit, but I know its 1000) each morning.
I also drink about 3 glasses of OJ each morning (I don’t drink coffee).

I do about 15 hours of PE per week - mostly hanging.

Take care


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


1 5/8” erect length
1/2” erect girth

amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?>>

6 months

hours per week of PE?>>

5-6 hours

type of PE?>>

Jelq and stretch

mgs of supplemental daily Vit. C?>>


whether you eat or drink a lot of Vit C?>>

Not really

when Vit C is taken in relation to your PE workouts?>>


Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

my stats.....................

Started out big: about 8” el and 6ish thick at midshaft. (I had “shrunk” some from my youthful size)


elbp about 1.2 inches eg midshaft ?? maybe .25- 50 inches
fl 1.5-2 inches fg midshaft 1.2 inches

eg toward base 3/4 inch eg at base 1 inch


2 1/2 years of PE, with the first year extremely high intensity, over 15 hours a week on
average, usually 5 on and 2 off. In all , way way over 1,000 hours of hanging and maybe half
as much jelquing, squeezing, ULIing, and stretching.

Got small gain jelquing and manual stretching for first six months then began hanging, first
with foam, then modified BIB, then the real BIB hanger. I began cutting back effort in Fall of 2001,
and it was off and on then. Now I hang and horse squeeze (full erect) on a “random” but farily
regular schedule, and I might average 5-8 hours week, sometimes more and sometimes less.
I go for for quality BTC hangs and fiercly intense and long horse squeeze sessions (two hours
plus straight).

There are weeks I don’t do anything. Even during 2000 and 2001, I did little during fall
hunting season and Christmas holidays.

Age: 51

Vitamin C:

fairly heavy dose throughout . It varied in the beginning but since Spring of 2000 I had
been supping with C. By the Spring of 2001 I was doing an average of 1,000-2,000 mg
a day. If sick, I took handfuls and whole bottles, but stopped when well. I’d say an average
day now I take in at least 1,400 mg.

I usually take it twice a day, morning and sometimes night. I’m supposed to take it times a day
for the full 2,000 C dose. Thus, occasionally, there would be times when I took Vit C supplements
close to PE time, before or after. Sometimes right after PE at bedtime.

Last edited by phat9 : 06-11-2002 at .

Been pe’ing for about 1 year and gained 1.5” ELBP and about 0.75” girth. Mostly jelking, squeezes and stretches. Did hanging for about 4 months then lack of privacy forced me back to jelking. I take about 2000mg of vitamin C and drink atleast a can of OJ daily. 1000mg of C in the morning and 1000mg at bedtime. Most of my gains came in the latter part of my pe. After my 4 months of hanging, I started jelking again and gained about 1” in the next 2 months.


I started PE last November. I was at 6 1/2 and I am now at 7 3/16 BPE. I mainly do 15 minutes of multi-directional manual stretching, with kegals, followed by 10 to 15 minutes of jelqing with some uli squeezes. I have tried some light hanging, but not consistantly due to time and privacy issues. I try to get at least 1000 mg of C a day.

this post may not belong here but here it goes anyways

I cant get a bib so Ive been doing alot of manual stretching Ive actually been doing almost just that and rarely some jelqing here and there … I want to work on length alone for now girth later

is this a wise thing to do or could i possibly be just strengthening my ligs and preventing growth in the future ?? I try to warm up for at least 10-15 min and do various stretching for 30 min or so maybe some jelqing after that

oh and i take 2 grams of vit c a day

any help would really be appreciated

zero in length, 1/8 to 1/4 in base girth, currently 6x5 elbp

**amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?
hanging for about 7 months
**hours per week of PE?
varied from 6hours a week in the beginning, to a high of around 20 hours a week (this is actual hangtime not including the 10 minute breaks in between); now doing BTC about 14 hours a week (some weeks more some less depending on schedule)

**type of PE?
hanging only, bib starter model

**mgs of supplemental daily Vit. C?
1200mg divided in two doses

**whether you eat or drink a lot of Vit C?
I have a healthy, varied diet; so there’s probably some vitamin C in the fruits and vegetables.

**when Vit C is taken in relation to your PE workouts?
I take the first dose of C right after my morning workout and on the days that I have a pm workout, I take the C either just before or just after the workout, depending on when I decide to eat dinner.


About 21 months, and in that time I gained 1.75 inches from 6.25 to 8 and in girth .5 and .75 at the base from 5.5 to 6.0 and 6.5 at the base. The only vitamin C I take is what ever comes with my multi vitamin. I’m not a big believer in Vit C.


Gains, Vitamin C and amount of work.

Gains -
Length - 5.75 EBPL to 6.5 EBPL (.75 inches)
Girth 4.75 to 5( .25 inches gain)

Been PE’ing since March 22 2001

Probably about 5 to 7 hours a week.

I have did mostly hanging with some jelq and ULI’s thrown in.

I don’t take an Vitamin C pills nor do I drink orange juice


Where ya goin' with this Bib?

Is vitamin C a meat maker? Please share! I guess I’ll have to run out and buy some now.

Don’t take vitamins.
Don’t drink much juice.
PE off and on for two years (mostly off)
Went from 5 3/4 to 6 3/4 elbp
Girth is pathetic. Last measurement was 4.5” midshaft about four months ago, but looks and feels bigger now. Head is growing from squeezes. Ridge of head is more pronounced.
I hang weights (10-15lbs), Uli, squeeze, light jelq in between squeezes.

Off to the vitamin store,



No, like I said at the top, I don’t want anyone changing their dietary habits because of this. But the link is the opposite. Vit C is needed to rebuild connective tissues, especially collagen. A high level of blood available Vit C might be a detriment to PE because micro-tears in the ligs, tunica etc may be healed faster than is wanted.

If the first limiting factors are broken through, then healed, they could be tougher to break through the next time. You may not be getting to the next limiting factor. Groundhog day. You keep running up against the same limiting factors day after day.

The whole thing behind PE is controlled damage. The collagenous tissues that are the hardest limiting factors are tough by nature, plus able to heal themselves. If you are able to PE against already stressed tissues, that are not rapidly healed, the gains should be easier to come by. It would be interesting to know the PE gain rate of scurvy victims.

Anyway, it is simply a theory that I have had for a long time. In fact, when first researching PE when I started, I made a decision to cut back on my OJ consumption. I was drinking too much anyway. lil came to the same conclusion independently. While talking to Phat on the phone the other night, he mentioned his supplements and I brought up the theory since Phat is a tough gainer.

Given the other attributes of Vit C, it is a tough subject. It is hard and perhaps foolhardy to advise someone to cut back on C in order to make PE gains. I just wanted to see some anecdotal evidence of what guys consume, the timing of their intake, and their PE gains.

Vit C is a water soluble vitamin. It is not stored. What your body does not need is elimiinated fairly quickly. So the timing of the intake could also make a difference in PE.



“Scurvy victims” that was a good one :) . Do we have any scurvy pe-ers on the board, please step forward.

Here are my answers

2” in 2 months (ebpl) and 3/4” in girth

amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?
April 2nd, 2002

hours per week of PE?
6 (13 if I count kegles which I do in the car)

type of PE?
Stretch, jelq, kegles, squeezes (Horse440)

mgs of supplemental daily Vit. C?
300 mg (started yesterday June 12th)

whether you eat or drink a lot of Vit C?
No (well, some limes at times and some orange juice)

when Vit C is taken in relation to your PE workouts?
In the morning and in the evening (not related to my PE workout


Very interesting theory. I hope enough respond so that you can accumulate useable data and that we don’t conclude that men deficient in V-C (though unhealthy) have bigger dicks.

Time at PE: 1.5 yrs

Gains: 2 1/3” EBPL
0.63 ” EG

and some substantial flaccid gain

PE exercises: 5 - 6 hrs/wk

Vitamin C supplementation: 1000 - 1500 mg daily, few V-C juices but a good amount of fruits over at least 20 yrs. (V-C taken early AM and early PM regardless of PE schedule.)

PE workout: stretches, kegels, uli’s, Horses, with three short vacuum pump sessions between.



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